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Topic: Recommended specs for second Giga PC?

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    Recommended specs for second Giga PC?

    Hi list,

    I'm about to buy a second Giga PC to help out my first with running VSL, with an eye towards possible future upgrade to Vienna VI.

    I've found my current respectable-but-not-superpowered PC (Dell Dimension 2180, Pentium 4 @ 2.54 gighertz, 1.5 gigs RAM) works just fine, other than running into RAM limitations with GS3. I don't run GigaPulse, so processing load hasn't been an issue with me.

    Given a desire for a similarly-capable system, what would everyone recommend these days? I'm not sure which processors are better than others any more. I am trying to avoid the prepackaged DAW PC's as they doubtless involve a lot of unnecessary price markup.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Wink Re: Recommended specs for second Giga PC?

    I am jealous of my friends Pentium M780 box. Its in a fanless Zalman box, and it gets more instances of Gigapulse than my P4 3.4ES o/c'd @ 3.9GHz!! He is going to buy the new Giga VST plug and go w/ dual core Yonah. Low power, best audio CPU made so far by Intel. I'm anxiously watching. Got any tips on SConverter? I never used Akai discs before, I'm stumped.

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