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Topic: SBLIVE and GigaSampler

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    SBLIVE and GigaSampler


    I\'m using the SBlive 2.01 drivers with Gigasampler. When using Cubase with Gigasampler I can run a drum track sample fin, when I try and run another midi channel with say strings as the other sample, the midi starts off ok, then the sounds/sync jumps around like crazy!! I\'ve just borrowed Logic 4 form a friend but can\'t even get gigasampler working with logic, (driver is greyed out)

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Re: SBLIVE and GigaSampler

    i\'m not sure, but you should set the sample rate to 48k

    sblive works fine at 48k only

    take care

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    Re: SBLIVE and GigaSampler

    Thanks for your reply. Do I set that through gigasampler?

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    Re: SBLIVE and GigaSampler

    in cubase
    sample rate: 48000
    audio clock source: internal
    MIDI sync reference: Audio clock

    take care

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    Re: SBLIVE and GigaSampler

    Many thanks for your help.

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