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Topic: Unforgettable Memories

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    Unforgettable Memories

    hi guys, this is a short piece which i just did today .. haha.. its called unforgettable memories .. www.cronlogic.com/tera/UnforgettableMemories.mp3

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    Re: Unforgettable Memories

    This was so pleasant to listen to first thing this morning! Such a nice flowing melody. I thought that the oboe could have been more in front in the balance, but I realize that you want it to sound from afar so I wouldn't tweak it too much. Your phrasing is beautiful. Nice work and welcome to the forum!


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    Re: Unforgettable Memories

    A lovely, moving, meditative remembrance, Teraslasch.

    I would suggest perhaps carrying this further -- it's beautiful, gentle material that I believe would enjoy further development!

    Very well done!

    My best,


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    Re: Unforgettable Memories

    Hi, thank you for listening .. i'll be continueing this song into something epic hehe.. stay tuned for

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    Re: Unforgettable Memories

    Pleasant to listen to. The quiet moments are the best and you capture the feel of those times.

    It needs more - it feels lonely without more development. Drama is the key to great music, and your piece is crying to become more dramatic. Please extend it.

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    Re: Unforgettable Memories

    Such a sorrowful little piece. Very light and haunting... The instrument combination works very well to set the mood. A great melody; one that deserves more attention, maybe in the future? Great work...

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    Re: Unforgettable Memories

    i am in the process of making this piece more dramatic , stay tuned for it in the next few days

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    Re: Unforgettable Memories

    very nice...yes, i would like to hear more of this as well


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    Re: Unforgettable Memories

    Quote Originally Posted by teraslasch
    i am in the process of making this piece more dramatic , stay tuned for it in the next few days
    Not sure if you've worked more on this piece, as I'm looking into the past trying to catch up on demo listening... However, I do like what you have so far and hope to here more!
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    Re: Unforgettable Memories

    Hi teraslasch,

    Nice start you got there. You must continue it. Even if it stays as a duet I think that it will work out just fine. Sometimes sticking to a basic theme of instrumentation works out as a great master piece. It is all about drawing the listener in and taking them on a journey. That could be technical, visual or emotional. Your choice.

    I think the mix on the harp may be a little dry for the oboe.The harp seems a little close to the listener. The two instruments do need to be in the same room. to me it sounds like this pretty duet should be happening on the live stage with a bit of re-verb. Not to much, just get the two instruments to sing out together or get the oboe to be the featured instrument and the harp as the accompaniment.

    I hope this helps a little. Just some friendly suggestions from someone who couldn't do much better than you have already done.
    (The Nut )


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