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Topic: sample straming hard drive

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    sample straming hard drive

    As i am looking for a new hard drive,i was wondering...should i value buffersize , seek time or Rpm highest?

    Is it ok to get a disk with only 8 MB buffer, if the response time is low, (8ms)

    Or better to get one with higher buffer size (16mb) and slower response time?
    And is really 7200 RPM fast enough?
    I will use it to stream sample libraries.

    Also, is there any difference betwene ata 100 and 133? if so, what should i get?
    I have a fairly old pc(well 3 years anyway) so i dont think it supports Raid or serial Ata.?

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    Re: sample straming hard drive

    • Theoretically you want the highest rpm, but noise and heat increase with
      higher rpm.
      7200 is a good compromise.
    • Wether higher buffer size or better seek time is best depends from drive to
      drive. Best is to have both
    • ATA 133 is theoretically faster, but normal disks don't reach that limit anyway.
    • When you use Windows 2000 or WinXP (Pro/Server) you can use the included software RAID which is as good as an average (hardware-) RAID controler.
      But you'd need a second disk for RAID.


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