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Topic: very fast string staccato ?

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    very fast string staccato ?

    does anyone know which string library got such a fast string staccato ? I am using Sonic implants string library and I can not produce such as fast string, Thanks.

    Sample that you could listen to:


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    Re: very fast string staccato ?

    it's like 5beat per second on staccato sample mp3, please listen carefully on background of the sample piece, Thanks.

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    Re: very fast string staccato ?

    Some libraries offer now the Round Robin patches that sounds more realistic and reduce this machine gun effect.

    There is also some recorded fast reps in VSL libs but they rarely fit the tempo we want.

    There is up and down bows in SS : did you try the alternation?

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    Re: very fast string staccato ?

    What makes yu say that EWQLSO cannot do it?

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    Re: very fast string staccato ?

    The pro orchestra has 8x and 10x repetition patches.

    Sean Beeson

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    Re: very fast string staccato ?

    I think what he's asking for is not repetitions (tho it helps still), its the actual speed of the stacatto. He wants a faster/stacattisimmo or whatever its called.

    and, some of VSL's repetitions are pretty quick, those might work for you

    or try using time machine in Kontakt, or time compress teh samples outside of a sampler if possible...or render out the stacatto performance at a slower tempo, then time compress the whole thing to teh correct tempo, thus making the actual stacattos shorter.
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    Re: very fast string staccato ?

    "What makes yu say that EWQLSO cannot do it?"

    Well i say that simply becouse i think they cant

    It just becomes too messy, to much release and reverb... the attacks are not consistent enough, and the timing is too loose.

    Also the string staccato`s of EWQLSO have only 1 velocity level, and the samples themselves arent tight and punchy enough for really fast stuff imo.

    Just wish it could be tighter and have better timing .... they really should re-edit the hard attack staccato patches, with dead on precise timing, or atleast make some fast attack variations.

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    Re: very fast string staccato ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pzy-Clone
    hey i used to do really fast staccato stuff with Advanced orchestra, wich is released in a Kontakt version now.
    EWQLSO cannot do it, im hoping KHSO can do faster tighter staccato runs etc.
    I dunno... I seem to recall hearing some Sonic Implants demos that had some tight, choppy staccatos. I could be wrong though. I think their strings sound really great either way. Wish I could afford them!

    I own KHSO, and it has nice ballsy spiccatos. I also had no trouble softening them up by simply adding attack time. I used them quite a bit on the demo I just posted (thread:"kirk hunter emerald cue")

    Keep in mind, with any staccato string sample that has a "choppy" front end, the length doesn't matter, because you can just shorten the decay. The problem is staccato samples with more of a slower ramp-up and ramp-down, like a hill. These are handy for runs, but you can never get them to simulate a real spiccato.

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    Re: very fast string staccato ?

    hmmm, I might call it Tremolo tho, is there anyone own SISS could explain how to shorten the note timing ?! Thanks.

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    Re: very fast string staccato ?

    mind to send the sample to me please ? Lkthomas@gmail.com


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