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Topic: Custom kits in RMX?

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    Custom kits in RMX?

    Stylus RMX is great! I use it on all of my projects and I was wondering if it's possible to import customized kits? As far as I know this isn't possible, but it would be awesome if you could make your own drumkits from wav files. That would make an already superior software even better!

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    Re: Custom kits in RMX?

    You can import rex files, so if you are willing to chop your sounds up in recycle then this possible.

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    Re: Custom kits in RMX?


    You can't import drum kits directly, but there is another way to do what you want. Take all your wave files and lay them one after the other on an audio track in any DAW. Then bounce that into a single, long audio file that contains all the hits. Then, import that file into ReCycle and and put slices in front of each hit. Save the Rex file and then import it into RMX using the SAGE Converter. Once it's imported in RMX, make sure you're in Slice Menu MIDI Mode and each drum hit will reside on it's own key. As you do it more, you can set up your hits and predict what key they will fall on.

    Keep in mind that you won't be in Kit Mode while doing this. You'll still be in Multi Mode. Think of these imported files more like your own Sound Menus.

    (for the record, i beta-tested rmx)

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    Re: Custom kits in RMX?

    Silly me! Why didn't I think of this myself? Thanks a million guys!

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    Re: Custom kits in RMX?

    Hi. I think in the help menu they mention the rex trick if I am not mitaken. I've been in a job search/crash/lowerpay/noway/findanew1/okjustdid..Mode..So hoefully I am going to work on the rex file thing soon. I am also going to do a string of hits that will be a rex file with variations of the same instument triggered at different octaves along with differing releases. I got the idea from watching the trilogy video. Seems like rmx could become much more powerful than what may appear if viewed in this way.And as an afterthought. It would be nice to be able to share theese creations. However they would HAVE to be using sounds that were not lifted from some sample collection etc. Perhaps the yahoo spectrasonics site can host some rex files. Or maybe even Spectrasonics would be willing eventually. Could be cool. If hosted by Spectrasonics it would seem even better. That way the rex files could even contain content from the stylus library. That is the ones shipped with it.Not the expanders. Then again I am a dreamer of shorts.many of them came true when I got rmx and then had to buy atmosphere two days later.It was well worth the late mortage payment. LOL. But this Friday I pay the last one of those. CHEERS..JON

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