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Topic: Another GPO demo

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    Another GPO demo

    Tom's gonna regret the day he encouraged me to post more....

    Continuing my posting of unusual music, the first movement of JN David's organ concerto....


    Orchestra is GPO, organ is samples from a Marcussen organ in the Netherlands played through Hauptwerk v 1.23


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    Re: Another GPO demo

    I was wondering when you were going to post some of the J.N. David.

    Excellent rendition of it, Jonathan!

    And as I've said before, there's much, much to ponder in this excellent composition.

    Keep 'em coming, my friend. This is music that richly deserves hearing, especially so when rendered by the hands of so fine an interpreter!


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    Re: Another GPO demo


    Gee, thanks, David! Glad you enjoyed it!

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