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Topic: GSEdit wizard tool problem

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    GSEdit wizard tool problem

    I'm trying to create a new instrument with Wizard tool but I can't do it the way I want to. I did exactly as it was described in tutorial in help file but when wizard creates new instrument unity note of every key is set to C4 and it only map first sample (A0 in my case) to every note

    But when I manually change unity note (in my audio editor) of every sample then I get what I was expected

    Why can't I get the same result in the first place? I know I could always change unity notes of every sample in audio editor and then use them in GSEdit but with 100+ samples it doesn't make sense.
    Previously, in GS2 I didn't have such problems.

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    Re: GSEdit wizard tool problem

    Check your settings under Edit-Preferences, make sure 'guess from filename' is checked, and also 'use filename even if wav contains different note'.

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    Yes!!! Now it's working the way it should. Thank you very much.

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