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Topic: Still searching for answers

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    Still searching for answers

    i'm still trying to get Garritan Jazz and Big Band (JABB) to show up in the drop down menu from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS AU SETUP. i've downloaded the latest Finale update. currently i have to open up "Garritan Studio" in a separate application and about 3 kontakt players to get all the big band sections. am i missing certain steps?

    powerbook G4

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    Re: Still searching for answers

    I had this trouble until I installed the latest version of Finale, then JABB appeared correctly in Finale. If you have the latest updates of both JABB and Finale plus the new Finale JABB config file, then I would suggest contacting Finale tech support to see if they have any ideas. I wish I could offer more but my Finale experience is limited.


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    Re: Still searching for answers

    problem solved. my FINALE 2006d wasn't opening up, the original FINALE 2006 was.

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