Hello everybody,

I am having some trouble troublesooting this issue, i would like to have some help from you experts.
I am having distortion problems with some vocal takes, and i would like to know what is causing this: Using a m-audio delta66 sound card on my PC, with a delta omni preamp and a m-audio aries mic, all mono recordings in Cubase SX3 sound slightly distorted and the waveform is "asymmetrical" (you can see more of the signal in the upper side of the waveform view ; i don't really know how to discribe this, i don't think it is DC offset since it is centered but there is always much more signal in the upper phase than in the lower one - in mono). I am routing the mic through Gigastudio for gigapulse reverb, i thought at first that could be the problem, but it looks exactly like that when i route direct to cubase.

What could be causing this?
Is it the cheap hardware? What should i change/buy to get a clear vocal sound?