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Topic: Power/Voltage conditioning options

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    Power/Voltage conditioning options

    I recently renovated my studio, and have a machine closet with it's own power directly from the main power box in the house.

    Despite this, I seem to be getting some brown-outs here and there when appliances (space heaters, dryers, etc) kick on.

    I was looking at the Furman AR15, and don't mind spending the money for it, but I noticed that my APC Backup-PRO 350 has protection against brown-outs build in for 1/5th of the price of the Furman.

    Has anyone had experience with either types of power conditionining, and do you feel the Furman is worth the money or should I be looking elsewhere?


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    Re: Power/Voltage conditioning options

    Have you thought about using LESS electricity in your house? Try unplugging the hot tub...

    As for power conditioners, personally, I'd go for the best I can find on the market. Your machines AND your sounds will love you for it
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    Re: Power/Voltage conditioning options

    Actually, we really don't use that much electricity in the house, but what we DO use causes heavy draws.

    You see, we have these electric space heaters that are temporarily installed in leu of a furnace to heat the house. When these kick in, the brown out occurs.

    Also, although much more rare, when hair dryers, and our clothing dryer kicks in, brown outs occur as well.

    The funace will eventually get replaced, but I figured it's probably a good investment in equipment protection anyway.


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