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Topic: Sibelius GPO and duplicate libraries

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    Sibelius GPO and duplicate libraries

    Dear Garritan,

    I post here because your answer might be of general interest.

    I just installed the Sibelius GPO Edition, and during the
    procedure I was asked to duplicate the GPO libraries, by copying them into the new Sebelius folder.

    Are the original libraries still needed, or can I delete them? Can the Studio
    simply use the new location when working with applications other than Sibelius?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Sibelius GPO and duplicate libraries

    I would think that it is the same as if you moved the libraries to another hard drive. If you delete the original file with the libraries, then go to use GPO in Sibelius it will ask to auto locate the library. It should find it. Also in the GPO Player (not familiar with Sibelius) you should be able to (under OPTIONS) tell it where the file with the libraries resides.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Sibelius GPO and duplicate libraries

    The key word is copy - don't just move them. GPO looks for the samples in a different place, so should you want to run GPO as a standalone, or via another program, you are best to leave it where it is. Sibelius, on the other hand, looks in a different place, hence the need to copy. There is probably a way around it, but as long as you are not running low on disk space, it's the easiest solution.

    R. Pearl

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