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Topic: RMX with older combination

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    RMX with older combination

    Installed RMX on a G5 system and everything is working out great. However, I have an older dual G4 at home running 10.2.8 with a PT Mixplus system and Digital Performer 4.52. Due to the various hardware and software contraints, if I want to keep the mixplus system I have no choice but to run this software configuration. RMX however doesn't work with DP 4.52 under DAE due to a clock problem. MAS is too flakey on this system, so that's not an option. I can get RMX to run using RAX, but I'm not sure how to share outputs with DP as DP grabs the DAE and nothing else can use it at the same time.
    Does anyone have a solution to using RMX with this config? Is there a way to run DP and RAX with RMX at the same time while triggering MIDI and getting seperate audio outs, or any other programs that will let RMX run as a standalone along with DAE running elsewhere?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: RMX with older combination

    Eric, any solutions???


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    Re: RMX with older combination

    Best to send that question to tech support. They can help you much better and faster than I can. :-)



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    Re: RMX with older combination

    Tried that already, and while they were helpful, they weren't able to come up with a solution, but rather a suggestion to use RAX. Anyone with any experience using that app? I'm still not having any luck.

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