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Topic: getting ProTools LE to "see" GPO

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    getting ProTools LE to "see" GPO

    Newbie Post:

    I've owned GPO, Mbox2 (bundled with reason adapted, soundbank2, etc.) which accompanies ProTools LE now for a month and am about to go crazy!

    How do I get ProTools LE to "see" GPO's libraries as plug-ins?? It instantiates Reason and Ableton Live4, but not the ONE library I really want to use. I'm not writing pop compositions, rather realizing orchestral/band scores for business/pleasure.

    Maybe I'm missing something easy, but I've spent hours reading forums, manuals, .pdfs, and am fairly educated, but have come up exasperatingly blank.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: getting ProTools LE to "see" GPO

    Usually you have to tell a DAW to either "look" for the VST (in this case, GPO) or, you have to manually put the .dll file in the program's VST plugin folder.

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    Re: getting ProTools LE to "see" GPO

    You need to install the RTAS version of GPO. Usually RTAS is not part of the normal installation. Put your GPO disk in and do a custom install, that's where you should see the RTAS choice. ProTools doesn't use VST instruments unless you're routing them thru a plugin translator.

    My GPO files are located in:
    HD>Users>Me>Application folder

    PT has no trouble finding them at all.


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    Re: getting ProTools LE to "see" GPO

    Jeff is correct. I forgot that when I gave my response (it was in the other forum in Garritan you posted this on).
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