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Topic: SSV - Kontakt 2 or shall I wait?

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    Question SSV - Kontakt 2 or shall I wait?

    Upgrade to Kontakt 2 is $139.00 from k 1.53. After much pocket change and not paying home heating this month, I am tempted to take the plunge yet this would not leave me with enough to purchase SSV unntill a later date however I understand our fine leader developer buddy will be coming out with a SSV bundled with kontakt 2 player of some sorts. Question is, will there be a nominal increase in price to off set this advancement or will SSV remain the same excellent (although I really consider it "an insane") price? Eh, I had one hell of a ruff week with a weekend to match.
    Then there are the questions of SSC, SSBD and SSViola! Ezz one better off buying Kontakt 2 to use 'em all?

    God, NMB ... if you're going to comment, please don't insight a riot!

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    Re: SSV - Kontakt 2 or shall I wait?

    I would go with K2 since it is so much better with the new features plus you get enough VSL to take care of all kinds of orchestral needs including strings.

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