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Topic: Piano with sustain?

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    Unhappy Piano with sustain?

    Everytime I need to record giga piano in Sonar,it comes with sustain.I use no pedal.When I play in Giga Studio ,it plays normally,but when I put it in a Sonar track it comes with sustain.It only happens with the piano.The others instruments work fine.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Piano with sustain?

    Maybe you have a double path - Giga might be receiving MIDI direct from your keyboard and also from Sonar's pass thru. For some reason, you might be masking the note off. Maybe not, but it's my best guess.

    Make sure that the little keyboard icon in Giga's lower right is flashing. If not, click it. You can also get the same effect by starting Sonar from the sequencer icon in Giga.


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    Re: Piano with sustain?

    Dear Jon fairhurst,

    Thank you for your suggestions,but the problem continues.I have already tried to change the track and channel too. The problem is only with the piano.Others instruments work and record normally.

    Any other idea will be welcome.
    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Piano with sustain?

    Hi Cunha,

    Giga has a MIDI Monitor function. Try running it to see if the MIDI messages make sense. Look closely to see if the note OFF messages match the note ONs.

    I seem to remember that Sonar sends Velocity=0 commands, rather than note OFF commands - or something like that.

    Do you have the latest version of Giga? The early versions had a problem in iMIDI related to the way that Sonar turned off notes. I never had the problem with GS though.

    Um, what else...

    Try loading various versions of GPII. Some have resonance and others don't. On the resonance versions GPII switches the resonance on and off, based on the sustain pedal.

    Let's see...

    You could also manually draw the sustain pedal as on/off in Sonar. I think it's CC64, if memory serves.

    Best of luck in tracking this down!


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    Re: Piano with sustain?

    Hi Jon,
    I am here again.Good news! After spending two weeks,I've got rid of sustain.
    How?Well I can't use in my Sonar 3 the track 1,channel 1 for piano.Anyother instruments it works fine,but if it is piano the sustain appears.And the funny thing is I am not using a pedal.Now I am using the 175 Bosendorfer on track 5 ,channel 5 and it works fine.My new problem is:I put a sustain pedal and it does not work.it is not a joke,it is true.I have a Kurzweil SP 88,a Roland XV 5080,Sonar3,GigaStudio3 and an Audiophile 2496.All is connected in a Computer and working fine.I've selected a piano and others instruments from Roland XV and the sustain pedal was perfect,but with Giga Piano or others Giga instruments did not work.I can put sustain(64) in Sonar Via Insert.It works,but I would like to use pedal like a Pianist Ok?Why sustain pedal does not work with Giga Piano and Work with Roland XV in Sonar?Sorry for my English.
    Thank you for any suggestion.


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    Re: Piano with sustain?

    Did you try Giga's MIDI monitor? It will show you the MIDI messages that Giga receives.


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