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Topic: Second attempt

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    Second attempt


    Thanks to those who responded to attempt #1.

    (I've had problems getting back onto the site since first registering, and no-one answered my requests for assistance. Hence I've re-registered as U/S 2.)

    I took on board the comments made previously, and my second attempt at using GPO (same piece) is here:


    N.B. The piece is Weirdstone 1, though feel free to have a listen to Weirdstone 2 this version of which is for piano solo.

    I am aware that there are a couple of occasions where an entry seems to come a shade early - that's me trying to counter the very slow attack on the strings, perhaps unsuccessfully at times.

    Is the ambience any better?

    U/S 2

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    Re: Second attempt

    Really nice work on this, U/S2!

    Love the writing; and the realism is coming along much, much better!

    I see/hear what you mean about your difficulty with the strings... but don't have an answer for you -- hopefully someone more technically astute than I am in this area will come along to give you a hand!

    My best,


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