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Topic: Locked from the forum?

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    Red face Locked from the forum?

    Soon, I have a feeling coming up on the forum here at school will be a thang in the past. The new server has a new filter from what I've hoid that blocks teachers from using certain sites. Right now, Bela D Media comes up as a Porn Site! Ha! Frank you old coot! I told you to put a blanket over that horse.
    Anyway, this means NMB will get his wish and I will not make 10,000 post before next March 11 which will mark my three year anniversary on this forum living next to Wally World.
    UNLESS! Thar be pirates thar Harkinzzzzzz on the horizon, mates. Arrrrrrrrrr, me wishes me could sits down yonder with me keg O rum and decompose till thar whales be callin' ya might say, arrrrrrrrrrr!
    Sure wish someone would call and ask me to write music for on of those reality shows. Heck, can't be too hard. An arrangement of all dissonance should suit any one of them just fine.
    What do you say there NMB? Reality shows are staged, scripted and full of carp, right? Yes? No? Ezz goodt, Yes? Perfection ... what the **** is that?

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    Re: Locked from the forum?

    Take your sysAdmin out for drinks and dinner...get him\her wasted and then talk her\him into letting you bypass the filter and get to the forum. Tell 'em that Garritan Libraries is a project for putting "samples" of books online for the benefit of homeless, deaf, dumb, and blind orphans.

    ...use your imagination, you of all people can come up with a line that'll work!


    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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