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Topic: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

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    Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    I am a proud owner of Giga3 and love how many tracks I can run on a dedicated system.
    I am now looking into purchasing an Orchestral library. The contenders considering my budget are QLSO Platiunum or The VLS Opus 1 & 2 bundle.
    I am leaning toward QLSO becuase of it's value > $1500 for 68gb of material.
    I've also heard nothing but praise for it.
    My dilemma stems from the fact that if I were to use it on my dedicated system (one computer for Giga or Kompakt and the other for Cubase SX3 and all my VI's) I would not be able to have all my samples available to me as I do in Giga. I obviously can't run Giga and Kompakt at the same time. I like to have everything available without having to render and reload.
    I know I can have Platinum running on my Cubase machine but I fear I will run out of resources if I use too many VI's.
    If I were to go with VSL all these problems would dissappear since I could have my orchestra and other samples all in the same program but still like all the articulations available in Platinum.
    Anyone in a similar situation?

    Machine 1
    P4 2.8
    1.5 G Ram
    Giga 3
    120G Firewire HD

    Machine 2
    P4 2.4
    1.5 G Ram
    SX 3.1
    120G Firewire HD
    Stylus RMX/Reaktor/Stormdrum etc.

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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    I am in sort of a similar situation .....First off , I havent's loaded Kontakt 2 yet , but my dedicated machine right now is running GS3 with plenty of samples...
    My next computer will be running Sonar as well as Kontakt 2 since I know there are folks out there running a sequencer program with GS3 on the same machine successfully, but I'd rather not ...My thoughts are that a sequencer program will run better with Kontakt than Giga ....This being said, the Sequencer computer will have 1 hd for applications, VI's and the OS...The 2nd hd will be for vocals only, and the 3rd for Samples....The GS3 computer has GS3 and will have one computer with a backup OS and applications, and it will have samples on 2 other drives ...I have already been thru the wringer with a Raid0 situation , so I will stay away from that, but my 2 other HD's will be large enough to handle plenty of GS samples... Both of my computers will have sound cards with midi in's and outs ....I will be able to run my sequencer computer, and midi in and out to the 2nd computer ....My thoughts are that I should be able to run both Kontakt and GS3 at the same time since they will be in different computers... Run one set of 16 channels of midi to one computer, and 16 to the other >>>>I say 16 for the maximum allowable midi channels on one midi port ... You may or may not need that many channels , but it's there just the same ...Giga also has a few midi ports available that you can midi to...
    As far as GS goes on your one GS computer , memory is available cheap enought that you can get another .5 gig stick to through in there , and you can also dabble with your registry a bit to increase the memory and have a LOT more room to load more samples to get the most you can out of your computer ....Check on other threads on this topic .....2 gigs of memory seems to be the memory of choice to get the most out of GS along with registry tweaks ....Hope this helps.....Jim

    I mention the registry tweaks because I bought TBO and was unalble to run it on my computer ....After registry tweaks, I was able to load more than TWICE the amount of samples from tweaking alone.....I already had the 2 gigs of memory in my computer ....Reading thru ALL the info on the tweaks, it was found that 2 gigs was optimum for the tweaking in GS ....

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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    i have giga3 and currently run EWQLSO Platinum XP pro or 3 machines

    never used giga since...

    i thought i will still use giga but uninstalled it completely and never looked back

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