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Topic: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

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    Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    I am a proud owner of Giga3 and love how many tracks I can run on a dedicated system.
    I am now looking into purchasing an Orchestral library. The contenders considering my budget are QLSO Platiunum or The VLS Opus 1 & 2 bundle.
    I am leaning toward QLSO becuase of it's value > $1500 for 68gb of material.
    I've also heard nothing but praise for it.
    My dilemma stems from the fact that if I were to use it on my dedicated system (one computer for Giga or Kompakt and the other for Cubase SX3 and all my VI's) I would not be able to have all my samples available to me as I do in Giga. I obviously can't run Giga and Kompakt at the same time. I like to have everything available without having to render and reload.
    I know I can have Platinum running on my Cubase machine but I fear I will run out of resources if I use too many VI's.
    If I were to go with VSL all these problems would dissappear since I could have my orchestra and other samples all in the same program but still like all the articulations available in Platinum.
    Anyone in a similar situation?

    Machine 1
    P4 2.8
    1.5 G Ram
    Giga 3
    120G Firewire HD

    Machine 2
    P4 2.4
    1.5 G Ram
    SX 3.1
    120G Firewire HD
    Stylus RMX/Reaktor/Stormdrum etc.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    You might consider adding one more machine. I realize that's an expense, but ultimately, I have found over and over again that it's easier in the long run to make sure whatever tools you want to run simultaneously have enough machine-power to be 100% effective in their own right. For instance, Reaktor is one of my personal favorites, but it doesn't play all that nicely with sequencers or with other soft-synths due to its wide-ranging flexibility. So, I run it on a separate machine, just as I do Giga.

    Good luck, whatever you come up with!!

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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    Thanks Bruce.
    If I had the budget for another machine this would all be moot anyway.

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    Senior Member Steve_Karl's Avatar
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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    I have EWQL Gold. I also have Kirk Hunter Emerald running on Giga 2.5 on a dedicated machine. I like them both for different reasons.

    My suggestion for you would be to start into this new realm slowly, as in possibly try Silver first, and make sure you like how it "feels" before jumping to the top with Platinum.

    You should also realise that the older versions, i.e. the original Gold, and Platinum, and not updated with newer changes, and repairs and that Gold XP needs the original Gold to function, and the same for Silver needing the original Silver, ... same for Platinum.

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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    If you feel confortable with mixing and post production (adding reverb, etc...), I would strongly recommend, specially if you use 1 computer, getting Silver+Silver XP, and since you would probably have money for Opus1, get this one as well (and thus get real legato)...

    I have heard Silver XP demos far better than normal Platinum, like the ones from Guy theaker and Lux...

    Here are Lux 's:


    here are Guy Theaker's:


    and Silver only:



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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Dallas, Texas

    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan P
    I have heard Silver XP demos far better than normal Platinum (check at their forum, search for Lux 's Silver XP demos in it)...

    Man, I don't know. Unless you can buy "up the ladder" without any financial loss, I don't know that I would go for any of the EWQLSO versions besides Platinum. Not that I'd consider any of them bad, but the multiple feeds are such an integral part of the design that it seems somewhat contrary to the entire point to miss out on that.

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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    Slinky, you seem to imply that you're on a budget with this.

    Have you considered GPO, or Kirk Hunter Emerald?

    I don't have either, i hasten to say, but i've been interested based on the demos and comments here in the forum. They both seem to have good tone across the entire range of instruments.
    From what i can gather from those comments, you get a decent library for a good price with either of them. (Maybe having both would give you many more tonal options?)

    If you have your heart set on one or the other of the libraries you've mentioned, then a good listen at either site would give you a better idea, yes?

    Regards, and good luck,


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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    at some point I agree with you, Bruce, because that's what I used to think... but check those demos...that's an outstanding work, nobody can deny it...and in factI know people that, owning Gold, prefered to buy Silver XP.

    besides, if you only have one computer you can't pretend to get a big library and run it smoothly...so until new things come (GPOA, etc...), IMO this is the way to go...

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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    After checking out the comparison list of Platinum and Silver XP, Silver is much too "thin" in terms of articulations. I still think Platinum at $1495 is a steal. I've checked all the demos for all the major Orch libraries and QLSO is what has gotten my attention.
    My original question however was in regard to the fact that I own Giga but want to buy a library that uses a different engine. I think that the "value"
    of Platinum is what's going to make my decision regardless of anything else.
    I think Bruce said it best when he suggested getting a dedicated machine for Platinum. Can't afford it now but I don't see any other solution to my dilemma.

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    Re: Giga 3 Owner Considering EWQLSO

    I'd go with gold/gold pro xp. It has all the same instruments/articulations found in platinum(though 16 bit and only one mic position), so if you ever upgrade, your existing projects will convert quite easily. You can run it on one computer, though you may want to add some ram.

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