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Topic: guidance on setting up a new K2 system

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    Question guidance on setting up a new K2 system

    Greetings all.

    I'm running several Kontakt player libraries as plugins to DP on my G5 and would like to offload some of it to a dedicated machine running Kontakt2. I have either an older 1.6gHz Pentium4 or a 1.4gHz Mac G4 available with a MOTU 2408 and separate MIDI interface, however I don't know what the real-word recommended specs are for running K2 on either Mac or PC (nor what I'd need to run either of these reliably).

    For me K2 is an attractive alternative to GS partly for price (I can cross-grade relatively inexpensively), and because I may be able to use a Mac instead of my PC (or the likely need to build a new one).

    I'm interested in using this system as for sample library playback only. Of those who are K2 enthusiasts, what might sway my decision towards it and what are your recommended sytem requirements? Of those who use K2 and Giga, what should I consider to decide between the 2 systems?

    Thanks in advance

    PS If this disucssion is currently going on elsewhere, please point me to it.

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    Re: guidance on setting up a new K2 system

    If you can interface it with your G5 without problems, I would go with the Pentium.

    I have K2 on a 1.6Ghz G4 Powerbook with 1Gig of RAM and it sucks. In fact, I have used the trial version on my Celeron 1.6Ghz with only 256Meg of RAM (half of the recommended minimum!) and the performance is not much different to the powerbook.

    From what I've read, there seem to be less issues with the PC version too.


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    Re: guidance on setting up a new K2 system

    Thanks for your response - sorry to hear it sucks on the powerbook, kinda similar to what I had in mind with my G4.

    If K2 is more comfortable on a PC in general, then my question may drift to K2 vs Giga, but I hope not. Perhaps K2 (and Giga) needs more heft than what I've available... without buying a new machine.

    Tell me a bit about how much you are loading into K2 and what you're expecting of it (ie are you loading part of an orch lib, a reduced orchestra set, etc).

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