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Topic: Everything has gone mad !

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    Everything has gone mad !

    I installed 2Gb of RAM today in the hope that Gigastudio 3 orch would run better on my PC. It does.

    However, when playing in Sonar I suddenly got a rapid machine-gun fire noise. I upped the I/O buffer and this seemed to go away.

    I've come back to my PC a few hours after closing down both Sonar and Gigastudio and opened up Windows Media Player. To my complete shock, everything I tried listening to had cracks and pops and a weird beep at regular intervals over the top of it. It's very odd, I've recorded it:


    Does anyone know why it is doing this, or has anyone experienced anything similar?

    More importantly, how can I fix it and still have Gigastudio working properly?

    My spec:
    Dell Dimension 4600
    2.50Gb RAM
    55.Gb Hard drive
    SB Audigy soundcard
    2.66 Ghz processor
    Sonar 5 studio edition
    Gigastudio 3 (in ReWire mode)

    If my soundcard isn't good enough to run Gigastudio, as I'm beginning to suspect, that's fine, but why should it affect everything else on the system like Windows Media player?


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    Re: Everything has gone mad !

    OK, I've restarted my PC and Windows Media Player is working fine again now.

    Do you think that something from either Sonar or Gigastudio is not shutting down properly and that that is causing the problems?

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    Re: Everything has gone mad !

    OK, maybe not. After 15 mins of listening to Windows Media Player after restarting it's gone mad again. I haven't touched Sonar or Gigastudio since the restart.

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    Re: Everything has gone mad !

    I just played your file and my copy of WMP nearly crashed my PC when the file finished... So I don't think it likes it...

    I was going to suggest that maybe the problem could be related to the hard drives - I have a raid array in my main PC and occasionally, coz the graphics card and the raid chip share the same IRQ on this particular mobo, the raid array gets confused and this causes WMP to do some funny stuff. However, it sounds different to your file, so I don't think it's that.

    Shot in the dark, but are you sure the memory you've added is compatible with what was already installed?

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    Re: Everything has gone mad !

    I used the Crucial Memory Tool adviser to select the correct type of RAM and when I look in the system information it says 2.50Gb RAM so the PC certainly recognises it.


    I've had no other problems with my PC. I'm not an expert in these things (I kinda wish I was right now lol!) but I'd have thought that if I had the wrong type of memory in my machine a lot more would be going wrong than just the sound.

    What were you going to say about IRQ just out of interest?

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    Re: Everything has gone mad !

    Re the IRQ, on my mobo the IRQ for the graphics card and the sil3114 raid array chip share the same one, IRQ19. I have found that changing settings on my mobo in the BIOS has improved things, but infrequently (once every few weeks, no more) I used to get a glitch in the monitor, and invariably when I looked into the System Log in Event Viewer in Win XP pro, I see the system having problems with the Sil3114 device (not recognising it properly).

    Re the memory, I know that in my PC (and AMD Athlon 3200+), it helps to have matched memory of the same spec and same size. This is coz the AMD memory controller works best when it has two memory modules to work with. I believe the Athlon 64s can handle more memory, but still prefer matched modules of the same size and spec (though not necessarily of the same brand).


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    Re: Everything has gone mad !

    OK, the last one wasn't typical. This recording is better (uploaded in place of the old file):



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    Re: Everything has gone mad !

    You're sure no-one's got one of those old binatone tennis games plugged into your PC??

    But seriously, it sounds like you've got a metronome going somewhere. The timing is like by the second. Does this happen just in Sonar, or in every music playback application?

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    Re: Everything has gone mad !

    That's what I thought it sounded like as well. I took out my old RAM (512Mb) and just left my new RAM (2Gb) in the machine and it seems to all be working OK now.

    2Gb RAM is fine for me, so I'll just leave it as it is now and hope the problem doesn't reoccur. If it does I'll let you know.

    Thanks for your replies though guys! Much appreciated.

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