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Topic: Aardvark 8in 8out Soundcard 4 sale

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    Aardvark 8in 8out Soundcard 4 sale

    I hope its cool to post this here- I didn't see any classified section. But...
    I have an Aardvark 20/20 soundcard for sale. You can record 8 tracks of audio simultaneously and keep the tracks seperated. It has 8- 1/4" ins and 8- 1/4" outs, and spdf in/out.
    I used this card on both Win98 and WinXP with no issues at all. I just tested it out and it still kicks ~~~. Its a great soundcard for the money-$150 shipped. Awesome price for 8 inputs! I'm selling gear to get Quantum Leap RA. Feel free to email me at


    or pm me.

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    Re: Aardvark 8in 8out Soundcard 4 sale

    Really on XP?

    I just sold my 20/20 and had to do so very reduced because they never came out with XP drivers for the 20/20.

    The 24/96 and the Q10 had XP drivers buit not the 20/20.
    Steve Hanlon, guitarist/composer
    Logic 7, PowerMac DP 2.0 (8- RAM slot model), 4GB RAM, OS 10.4.11
    UAD-1 Ultra Pak
    Lots of V.I. and sound effects
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