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Topic: Can't load QL Pop Brass into Gigastudio

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    Unhappy Can't load QL Pop Brass into Gigastudio


    I'm having a problem with East West Pro Samples Vol. 19 (Pop Brass, from Quantum Leap Brass), and getting it into Gigastudio 3 in a playable way. It comes in Audio, Akai (S1000), AIFF, EXS24, HaLion, and WAV. The Audio/Akai CD won't read in my PC running Windows XT, and then the best I can do with the other CD is to create a virtual instrument within Gigastudio by dragging the WAV files to individual notes. The problem then becomes the gaps in between those notes to which the WAVs are assigned.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Can't load QL Pop Brass into Gigastudio

    When you drag a wave to a note in the editor, you are creating a "region". Simply drag the width of the region to conver multiple notes, and the gaps will vanish.

    I have the Giga version of QLB. The programming is very basic, so you're not missing much functionality by making your own gigs. Most of the instruments have only one or two velocity layers, so the dynamics are either 1) volume only, which lack timbre, or 2) jump drastically between the mp and f layers.

    I think the cool way to program QLB today would be to make single layer instruments that use the DEF filter for dynamics. You could use the mod wheel to select between p and f, so you can play either layer with full dynamics on the controller, and choose the mp or f layer explicitely.

    Best of luck...


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    Re: Can't load QL Pop Brass into Gigastudio

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the tip. Although I didn't have success dragging across regions as you suggested, I did manage to convert the Akai formats into Giga format by inserting the CD after Gigastudio had already launched. I had initially inserted the CD before launching Gigastudio.

    In any case, thanks for your help,


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