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Topic: RMX Backbeat

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    RMX Backbeat

    I'm running Cubase Sx2.I've constructed my song using backbeat in 4/4.Now the middle 8 is in 3/4.I've tried doing what the tutorial says but I just dont get the 3/4 timing.What is one doing wrong?This my first posting and probably not my last.Anyone help?

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    Re: RMX Backbeat

    i'd say the 3/4 time signature is one of the shortfallings of RMX. i don't have an answer for you but a suggestion to post your question on the yahoo spectrasonics group site.

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    Re: RMX Backbeat

    It's definitely possible to do this with RMX and the "Time Signatures" tutorial shows exactly how to do it.

    Need more info from you to help.

    Which method are you using to create the 3/4 Time Signature?
    What grooves are you using?
    What is your host?
    What type of MIDI editor are you using?
    Can you post some audio examples of what you are doing?

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    Re: RMX Backbeat

    Quote Originally Posted by jimmymio
    i'd say the 3/4 time signature is one of the shortfallings of RMX.
    Nope....that's a common misperception though.

    In fact, RMX is one of the ONLY systems that has any method at all to alter time signatures in audio loops. True, some manual editing is required, but the fact that it's possible at all with such musical results is pretty amazing! That's the beauty of the Groove Control system. :-)

    Try changing the time signatures of audio loops in Acid, Live, Logic, Performer, Cubase SX, GarageBand, Apple Loops, etc and you'll see what I mean. ;-)


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    Re: RMX Backbeat

    You need to be in Slice edit mode? The time signature change needs to be effected in your host sequencer (Cubase). Then you play around with the order of MIDI notes, or program a new groove with your keyboard controller, until you have a groove you like.

    You don't need to make any changes in RMX, since RMX is the sound module. It's the MIDI information that's triggering the sound module that needs to change - and that should all be on Cubase's arrange page, provided you've dragged the relevant MIDI files from RMX to Cubase.

    Firstly, you need to learn how to do a time signature change in Cubase. (I use Logic, so I'm afraid I can't help you there).

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    Re: RMX Backbeat

    Thanks for the replys guys.I'm going to have another crack at it.I'm having no trouble with getting the samples from RMX and the more I get into this software the more impressed I get.I think it's a Cubase thing so I'll be in touch.If unsuccessfull I'll get as much info as poss to you at spectrum.

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    Re: RMX Backbeat

    Ok ye spectrum boys it's not happening for me so here goes.I'm using windows XP running cubase sx2.The sample loop from RMX Backbeat is Wattage.Now the song is 95bpm and is in 4/4 timing until I get to the m8.It then switches to 3/4 timing at half pace ( ie. a slow waltz.This is where I think the Backbeat sample disc lets you down cos there's not one waltz on it and sod's law when you want a waltz....)!This is where I'm stuck.I can't even find a 3/4 timing in cubase!Help...!

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    Re: RMX Backbeat

    The vid as Eric explains in very well done. I had a cue I needed to put together very fast the vid got me going quick.

    I have a 3/4 tempo of 170 bpm. I stumbed on a groove menu mode and 'halfed' the time - gave me a cool half tempo 4/4 groove against my 3/4 - for percussion type parts made it quite interesting.

    It is towards the end of this cue


    Good luck with your project.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: RMX Backbeat

    Thanks Rob.I'll continue to work on it.I've only had Stylus a week and I'm just constructing the drum tracks for the next album I know I'll get there.I want to spend time on it and not cut corners like I have in the past.Nice music by the way.I was transported back in time riding naked on a horse through fields of gold on a hot summer's day...then the wife shouts up to say dinners ready...back to reality !

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    Re: RMX Backbeat

    Bottom line: If you understand music/rhythm theory AT ALL, and you have gone through the manual and actually understand the principal behind RMX, then this should be really easy. I don't mean to be a jerk, I just can't understand why this is so hard for people. Its always sad to me when the true answer to someones question is simply RTFM. Sorry, just venting a little, but trust me, once you really understand how RMX works (Meaning spending some time with it, watching all videos and checking out the reference guide), it will be the easiest thing in the world! Good Luck!

    PS: Your answer is in programming your notes on your sequencer in Slice mode, please read the manual, we all had to. We need Eric spending his time developing new products, not giving tech support on things that are expained in the manual and videos:-)

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