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Topic: Which "MAC" is best for JABB

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    Which "MAC" is best for JABB

    Still wanting to know if Anyone is running Finale and JABB on any Apple G5 computer?

    How is the performance? I need to buy a new MAC fast!!!
    will the 1.6 to 2.0 MHz Imac G5s be sufficient or will the new INTEL macs work better?

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    Re: Which "MAC" is best for JABB

    I just got one of the old-style G5s, the last of the dual 2.7G boxes before they went dual core. 10.4.4, 4.5G RAM. JABB works great. Of course this is the old-style machine, so I would expect it to work pretty much just like my G4 but faster. It does...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Which "MAC" is best for JABB

    The new dual core Macbooks with 2 meg ram will be quite sufficient.......they surpass the specs on the old G5s already.....

    If you can wait for the dual core big boxes -- I believe you'll be able to run JABB, BIAB, EWQLSO, Logic, etc. etc. with impunity simultaneously -- and even throw in some scripted K2 at the same time......

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    Re: Which "MAC" is best for JABB

    Thanks for the info, i'm gonna stick with the Macbook Pro.

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    Re: Which "MAC" is best for JABB


    Although the Macbook looks good on paper, the Kontakt player is not currently supported by the Intel-Macs and is not recommened to run under Rosetta.

    Here's NI's statement:

    Hopefully it'll be coming soon,

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    Re: Which "MAC" is best for JABB

    Users of third-party instruments based on KONTAKT, KOMPAKT or INTAKT technology should contact the respective manufacturers for information about support for Intel-based Macs.
    By the sound of things, NI's big guns will come first, and unless Gary has some friends there that owe him big time, it looks to me as if we're just chopped liver and will have to wait until whenever.

    It's a little discouraging to those of us who would like to get a new Mac and have to wait and wait. We went through the same mess going from OS 9 to OS X. Will it ever end?

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    Re: Which "MAC" is best for JABB

    Thanks for the info, i forgot to check out NI's information.
    if they're not compatible by mid may i have to go with the high end imac G5.

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