If so, then stop ... no, wait, come back here young man this minute or I'll, I'll!
If you are using Cubase SE 3 and possibly upgraded from Cubase SE, what are the differences? I've heard there are not many. Anyway, I found SE 3 at ProSound for $98 plus free shipping a bottle of Lake Erie Zebra Mussel Water and a unopened jar of Welch’s Grape Jelly from 1956. Sounds like a great offer to me but I wish they would throw in a copy of "Moon Over My Mammy".
Well, as you can plainly see (even without your spectacles) Beeffalo is really getting to me. Especially now that Shazbot left and there's no musician left worth going to see at the coffee shops anymowa!
Remember, the real topic is on "The differences of Cubase SE 3 compared to the nylon's my father sold to the pretty ladies in France during WWII."