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Topic: What plug-ins do you use/own?

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    What plug-ins do you use/own?

    Since buying a new computer (AMD64 Athlon 3200) I have been loading all of the libs I own into the beast. I cannot believe how many I've acrued over the past year. I'm curious to see what everyone else is using. Here's my list:

    Sample Players:
    Gigastudio 3 (Orchestra)
    Gigastudio 3 (Solo)Kontakt 1.53
    Kontakt 2 (includes VSL sample library)

    M-Audio Producer Edition Orchestral Brass (aka Sonic Implants)
    M-Audio Producer Edition Orchestral Strings (aka Sonic Implants)
    Prime Sounds Session Strings
    SAM Horns
    SAM Solo Sessions

    Arturia CS80V
    EWQLSO Gold
    EWQLSO Gold Pro XP
    EWQLSO Silver
    EWQLSO Silver Pro XP
    Garritan Jazz & Big Band
    Korg Digital Legacy Collection
    Miroslav Philharmonik
    MOTU Symphonic Instrument
    Spectrasonics Atmosphere


    Methinks I have a few orchestral libs eh?

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    Re: What plug-ins do you use/own?

    Nice set-up! I need to buy more non-orchestral plug-ins or libs. I do have a Yamaha Mo8 which covers a lot of the non-acoustic sounds but I would love to get Colossus, Trilogy and a few other plug-ins.

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    Re: What plug-ins do you use/own?

    *mines not fair really as I'm a tester for a lot of things*

    In no particular order:

    Sample Players:

    Kontakt 2


    Garritan Personal Orchestra
    Garritan Jazz & Big Band
    EWQLSO Gold
    EWQLSO Gold Pro XP
    EWQLSO Platinum
    EWQLSO Platinum Pro XP
    EWQL Colossus
    EWQL Symphonic Choir
    EWQL Stormdrum
    Kirk Hunter Emerald (not installed yet)
    Miroslav Philharmonik
    Bela D Media Giovani
    Bela D Media Studio B
    Bela D Media Lyrical Distortion
    Bela D Media Diva (+ Extended)
    Precisionsounds (many products)
    Sampletekk (many products)
    Prime Sounds Session Strings
    Post Musical Instruments (many products)
    VSL Horizon Solo Strings
    VSL Solo Strings VI (not installed)
    Ethno World 3
    RAW samples (does free count?)
    Vintaudio Libraries
    VSL Kontakt 2 Library
    Other misc. small downloaded libraries


    Cameleon 5000
    Ohmforce Melohman PE
    Wusikstation 2.0 (with TSW and Vox'd expansions)
    reFX Vanguard
    reFX Slayer
    reFX Quadra-SID
    And probably 20 more I can't think of.

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    Re: What plug-ins do you use/own?

    Hi. My name's Nick and I'm a sampleholic.

    Sample player:



    VSL First Edition
    VSL Solo Strings
    VSL Chamber Strings
    VSL Concert Guitar
    VSL Mallets
    PMI Bosendorfer 290
    PMI Old Lady
    PMI Historic Keyboards
    Bardstown Bosendorfer
    Vintaudio C7
    Vintaudio Upright Collection
    Sampletekk TBO
    Sampletekk Vertikal
    Scarbee RSP'73
    Kick ~~~ Brass
    Memphis Horns
    Phantom Horns
    Orchestral Colours
    Symphonic Adventures
    Smart Violins
    Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices
    Spectrasonics Heart of Asia
    Spectrasonics Heart of Africa
    Spectrasonics Vocal Planet
    Early Instruments
    Vintage Timetraveler
    Nu Metal
    Malice in Wonderland
    Deepest India
    Ethno World 2
    Latin Groove Factory
    On a Latin Tip
    Ethno Techno
    GS Chinese Percussion
    GS Pipa & Liuqin
    BT Breakz from the Nu Skool
    BT Twisted Textures
    Abstract Hip Hop
    Big Beat
    Black Beats from Da Block
    Bun E in a Box
    Downbeat & Leftfield
    Darkstep Jungle
    Jungle Warfare 3
    Drum Fundamentals
    Club Essentials
    Electro Magnetic Pulse
    Freaky Jazzy Funky 2
    Hard House
    Kodish Drum and Bass
    Luscious Grooves
    Millenium Garage
    Nu Directions
    Nu Groove R'n'B
    Beneath the Planet of the Breaks
    Escape from the Planet of the Breaks
    Return to the Planet of the Breaks
    Smokers Delight
    UK Garage
    Underground Garage
    X-Files of Hip Hop
    X-Static Goldmine 2 & 4


    Spectrasonics Stylus RMX (with Backbeat, Liquid Grooves, Burning Grooves, Retro Funk and Nine Volt Audio Collection SAGE Expanders)
    Spectrasonics Atmosphere
    Spectrasonics Trilogy
    G-Media M-Tron
    G-Media Oddity
    G-Media Imposcar
    G-Force Minimonsta
    FXpansion BFD (with Deluxe Add-on kits)
    Korg Legacy Collection
    Linplug Albino 2
    Cycling 74 Pluggo
    Cycling 74 MODE
    Musiclab Real Guitar
    Native Instruments Absynth 3
    Native Instruments Artist Drums
    Native Instruments Elektrik Piano
    Native Instruments Battery
    Native Instruments B4
    Native Instruments Reaktor Session
    EWQLSO Gold
    EWQL Storm Drum
    Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2
    USB X-treme FX


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    Re: What plug-ins do you use/own?

    I own about 100 pieces of software. I am too lazy to type them all. I guess that could be one of the perks of working with a large company that makes sample libraires.

    Sean Beeson

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    Re: What plug-ins do you use/own?

    I got my cat to type out my list.

    He may not yet have learnt how to poo outside (the litter tray is really starting to stink), but he's a fine typist.


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    Re: What plug-ins do you use/own?

    Wow, I think that I now have sample-envy Here's my humble collection:

    Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings
    Bosendorfer 290
    Gold XP
    EWQL Choir
    Project Sam True Strike (starter version)
    Percussive Adventures 2 (don't use anymore)
    Silver (don't use anymore)
    Pro Samples Rare Ethnic Instruments

    I wish that I had more $$ to buy more...

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    Re: What plug-ins do you use/own?

    Davecos and Joseph, what do you make of Garritan Jazz & Big Band? I'm looking for some more poppy, funky brass multisamples as that's one area where I'm seriously lacking. I own Kick ~~~ Brass which is OK but it takes an awful lot of work to get quite limited results.

    I've heard that Chris Hein Horns is worth looking into as well.



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    Re: What plug-ins do you use/own?

    Nick Harvey
    Hi. My name's Nick and I'm a sampleholic.
    LOL... ....I hope they find a cure for you man... Now, i will know who to ask for advise on a library .

    What will you do if all your hard drive give out some day, i mean the registrations and all ?...Well in case you decide to hang yourself i will send you my address and maybe you could send me your stuff .

    P.S. I think we're all Sampleholic but we don't all give into it...Well, better this than .....I didn't mean to juge i was just kidding...

    I have the same problem with my cat BTW.

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    Re: What plug-ins do you use/own?

    Quote Originally Posted by geronimo001
    I have the same problem with my cat BTW.
    I think it's time to have Taz put down.

    Look, I know he's only a year old and I've only had him for 5 weeks, and he has got the CUTEST front paws, but there's no excuse for poo that smells as rancid as his. Bad cat!

    Now where's that syringe?

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