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Topic: clicking at start of note

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    clicking at start of note

    Hi out there,

    Having spent some time putting some pieces of music together I was checking over everything on the master track and I am getting clicking at the start of a solo clarinet piece! Each note starts with a little click and then its fine. I played the notes through a evolution mk361 keyboard using a usb connection straight into the mac and into logic express instruments. (no midi set up or controllers were used) Can someone explain what my problem is and how I can fix it?
    I am struggling to get the hang of midi set ups and the like , hence the connection into audio instruments in logic. (The audio instruments tracks are kind of hybrids of midi and audio. It uses midi to trigger sounds from an inserted instrument).



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    Re: clicking at start of note

    It may just be that you are using a Mac. We Mac users are often confrunted with these problems. Check your Private messages. Perhaps I can help you some.

    It would be good to know the Mac model you are using, how much ram you have and what O.S. you are using.

    I can send you a little fact sheet which might help you deal with this.


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    Re: clicking at start of note

    Marto - You may want to up the polyphony up by one. (to 2)

    I have noticed that certain solo instruments display some of the symptoms you are describing, but when I increase the polyphony by one, the clicking goes away. I notice this especially with the solo flute vibrato, and the solo Bb Clarinet when playing fast passages. But it is fine if I up the polyphony. I am not sure why this helps, other than the attacks of notes I am playing are not cutting into the releases of the previous notes.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: clicking at start of note

    Thanks Jerry,

    Tried that polyphony change but no joy I'm afraid



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    Re: clicking at start of note

    Another thing you might try, is to nudge the volume on the Kontakt player down ever so slightly. You can bring it up again once you have converted to audio.


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