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Topic: Roto Tom Samples

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    Roto Tom Samples

    Anyone know of where I might find some decent Roto Tom samples?

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    Re: Roto Tom Samples

    To start you off, there's some free ones available from ProjectSAM. You can find them by signing up at the following address: http://projectsam.com/freesounds.html

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    Re: Roto Tom Samples

    Thanks Duncan!

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    Re: Roto Tom Samples

    Aside from the SAM True Strike Freebie number 7, do the other Giga samples work in Giga 2.5?

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    Re: Roto Tom Samples

    Scarbee Imperial Drums XL has an exhaustive set of roto tom samples.
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    Re: Roto Tom Samples

    EWQLSO platinum pro xp has great roto toms. The combination of the three mic positions makes for a great sound. However, if all you want is this sample, it's quite an investment.


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    Re: Roto Tom Samples

    Virtual Drumline 2 apparently has roto toms, though their website doesn't seem to go into much detail.
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    Re: Roto Tom Samples

    In Virtual Drumline 2, there are four individual roto-toms (each with RH/LH hits).
    Jim Casella

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    Re: Roto Tom Samples

    ILIO's Vintage Timetraveler has a few roto tom samples as well.



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