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Topic: Dongles for live performance

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    Dongles for live performance

    Personally i am opposed to dongles for technical reasons, but for this thread, I'd really like to keep 'dongles in the studio' out of the discussion. The question at hand - even if you are a believer in dongles for the studio: what is your feeling about having them attached to your VI laptop player - on the road, on stage, night after night, in the typical life of the gigging musician?

    I contend it's only a matter of time, and not a great amount at that, before something happens - either the dongle will be broken, or the gear it was attached to breaks because some drunk slammed into it accidentally (ok, so it was the drummer, but he was also the drunk...)
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Dongles for live performance

    I feel your pain... I have my gear rack mounted though so the dongles are reasonable safe there. There should be some kind of safety net to make sure you're able to pull off at least one gig without it if it breaks.


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