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Topic: clicks

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    Hallo there,

    Well, don't know what happened but I posted a thread in discussions and its dissapeared so shall try here.
    i am currently putting together some music and recorded a clarinet solo but some of the notes are giving a click at the start of the note played. I played the notes through a evolution 361 keyboard using a usb connector into my mac g5 and then into logic express using a audio instrument track This is kind of a hybrid of midi and audio, it uses midi signals to trigger the instrument that has been loaded into the track but you don't have to set up midi cables or the like. As I am finding it hard work to get my head around midi I tend to use this way to input any keyboard. A suggestion on the message reply from my previous thread (before it went missing) said to try changing polyphony but this unfortunately didnt work so can anyone pour some light on my sound "hiccup" please?


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    Re: clicks

    First, make sure DFD is disabled in the player's Options menu. If that doesn't make a difference then please give me more information. Exactly which notes? Do you notice the problem when you are just triggering the standalone version of GPO from your keyboard?


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