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Topic: Trouble with Trilogy

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    Trouble with Trilogy

    hello everybody

    I´m using trilogy as an AU instrument in logicpro 7.2 on my G5 2x2,3 GHz. macos is 10.4.5. The trouble began when i had to update my macOs because of a UAD-card that i bought a few weeks ago.
    Since then logic crashes in songs where i use trilogy.Sometimes i have to turn off trilogy in the AU manager in order to open the song even though the validation is ok. i´m using version 1.2.4..

    anyone having similar problems ? heres a crashlog:




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    Re: Trouble with Trilogy

    boot from your system dvd
    run the disk utility
    repair privileges 3 times
    restart from HD

    that works for me when i get that problem


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    Re: Trouble with Trilogy

    hi hans

    thanks for advice. it took a little while to find out how to boot with the system dvd. I did that 3-times repairing-thing 2 hours ago. (like in the wizard of oz : SURRENDER TRILOGY !!!) no changes, again crashdowns while i try to open a song including trilogy-instruments :O(

    heres my latest crashlog:


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    Re: Trouble with Trilogy

    It would be best to contact tech support with this info directly.



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    Re: Trouble with Trilogy

    hi spectrum. I´ve sent already 3 (!) mails to info@spectrasonics.net with crashlogs and still got no respond. dunno what to do..
    I´m going to buy 2 GB more RAM tomorrow, i will report if somethin changes.


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    Re: Trouble with Trilogy

    They've emailed you directly.


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    Re: Trouble with Trilogy

    ok. things i´ve done so far:

    a) repaired three times the privileges while booted from system dvd. no change
    b) I´ve deleted all logic.prefs as suggested by spectrasonics support (com.apple.logic.pro & logic-folder in the prefs). nothing. still same crashdowns.

    I still have 2,5 GB RAM, i´ll get more ram in the weekend (allthough I read a few times that logic cant adress more than 2 GB in osx ?!? ).

    As you can see i also use hydratone. (eq developed by tritonedigital, needs pluggo runtime in order to be useable as an au-plug in logic) i read about difficulties with pluggo in combination with au-instruments that require a lot of ram (ewql). But tritone blames cycling 74 (developer of pluggo), cyclo doesnt respond at all.
    I´m so frustrated, out of any idea how to manage my crashfux. i wanna do music, produce & mix it. But i dont understand computers & i cant afford protoolsTDM.
    I will report when changes occur.


    P.S.: here my latest crashlog

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    Re: Trouble with Trilogy

    Could you please stop posting your crashlogs here on Northernsounds? (This isn't an official Spectrasonics tech support forum)

    Our in-house experts can really help you much better directly. info@spectrasonics.net


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    Re: Trouble with Trilogy

    hello spectrum

    sorry for any mindfux. didnt know that i was kinda spamming.. the in-house-experts were busy until i started to post here. nevermind & thanks so far O_o


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