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Topic: Does V-Stack even exist?

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    Does V-Stack even exist?

    I've looking all over the net for Steinberg's V-Stack because I wish to run my plug-in VSTs on a dedicated pc. What's the deal - it doesn't look like anyone is selling this program. Am I missing something? Is there an equivalent rack farm I can use instead?



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    Re: Does V-Stack even exist?

    I believe that V-Stack is only available on-line from steinberg. That's where I got it, and I haven't seen it anywhere else. You can download it and/or request a CD-ROM.

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    Re: Does V-Stack even exist?

    Yes, it's about £30 and I only bought it a couple of weeks ago.


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    Re: Does V-Stack even exist?

    Great! Thanks a lot guys!


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    Re: Does V-Stack even exist?

    You have to buy it from their "Euro" site to get the direct download.... the US site doesn't list it (for some weird reason?). I went through the same thing trying to find it.

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