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Topic: GPO VST/DXi vs. Kontakt?

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    GPO VST/DXi vs. Kontakt?

    I'm thinking of picking up Kontakt 2. Right now I just use VSTi and DXi instruments, and don't have a general sample player (well, except for my old Gigastudio 32).

    What are the benefits to running GPO through Kontakt (as opposed to the Virtual Instrument way)? Is it better or worse on RAM/CPU usage? Quicker loading time? Any notable programming features for the end-user?


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    Re: GPO VST/DXi vs. Kontakt?

    Hm, I've never tried to run GPO through Kontakt. Someone correct me if I am wrong but, I don't think you can. I use it for Diva and GOS Lite (less filling sounds great!)
    By the way, check NI site. I believe there is a crossgrade price but I am not sure of the stipulations.
    Heep this out if it don't help.

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    Re: GPO VST/DXi vs. Kontakt?

    You can run GPO through K2 (and probably also K1.5, since the GPO Kontakt Player is built upon this version). And if you use Finale 2006, you'll be able to load 8*16 instruments instead of 8*8.

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    Re: GPO VST/DXi vs. Kontakt?


    I dont' know if there are real benefits in running GPO with players different than its own. There is programming that you will need to recreate on different ones. For me, I wouldn't use GPO with anything else than Sibelius, due to its strong programming (unless I must go for a different host, like very often Logic).

    However, Kontakt reads GPO files just fine, and I sometimes use it for editing GPO instruments. At the same time, I can't reccommend Kontakt enough, since it is the best sampler I've ever seen in 20 years of electronic music.


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