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Topic: Question about Game Industry Salaries - comparison

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    Question about Game Industry Salaries - comparison

    Hi guys,

    I've been mainly lurking at Northern Sounds other the past 4-5 years or so...and never really looked too hard at the Game Forum.

    Anyhoo I'm applying for some Games Industry jobs - kind of junior editing/sound design positions with the option to sometimes aid the scoring process etc.

    I am curious about salary expectations for these types of roles, in Euros, USD and specifically GBP. I'm thinking somewhere between 15 and 20k GBP per annun before income tax but am looking for some kind of reference point.

    If you are not looking to disclose such information on the web I understand but would really really appreciate a PM.

    Can any of you advise? This is a full time position.
    Thanks in advance

    Tom Waterman

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    Re: Question about Game Industry Salaries - comparison

    Hey, Tom - welcome aboard!

    The best (yet still lacking due to low responses) reference is probably the Game Developer Magazine Career Development guide:


    If I recall correctly, the results on there seemed to vary between about $40-60,000USD per year for someone with less than 3 years of experience.

    I will say that while I don't yet work professionally in the industry, my experience tells me that the salary ranges vary a great deal. A position I've recently interviewed for is on the very low-end of the scale, despite the company being well-known. On the other hand, a friend of a friend recently picked up a contract job at another local company, and got roughly $17,000 for about 3 weeks of work.

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    Re: Question about Game Industry Salaries - comparison

    Thanks Symbiotic!

    I thought as much, it all sounds pretty similar to the recording/music industry with which I have more experience and understanding...I'm really expecting around 18k which is standard graduate fare for this kind of role and experience level...its a medium sized software house as I understand it, popular yet not overwhelmingly large.

    I will check that link out and see what I can delve up. I've just been listening to all the work here (those that I could find with websites anyway) and am impressed with the pedigree and standard of writing. There are some big names from the game audio world hanging on these boards I see. Good stuff.

    I may try and post up my showreel next week for some feedback but have to compile it all asap.

    Cheers Tom

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