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Topic: Larry Seyers Acoustic Drums?

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    Larry Seyers Acoustic Drums?

    I've been trying to see what the minimum Gigastudio version I could buy to use the drums is, and haven't been able to find out. I've looked on the site - downloaded the manual - and just haven't been able to find out.

    Anyone on the forum know which GS3 I'd have to have as a minimum to play it (SOLO/ENSEMBLE/ORCHESTRA)?


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    Re: Larry Seyers Acoustic Drums?

    GS Solo has 96 voices of polyphony, so as long as you don't have over 48 hits playing at once you should be fine - even then, the oldest notes would be cut off first. It might be wise to ask Larry though over at Sonic Control or there should be a contact link at his website.


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    Re: Larry Seyers Acoustic Drums?

    I dont' own Larry's drums, but I wish I did! (It's only money...)

    Anyway, a key aspect of the set is GigaPulse. If you get Orchestra, you will be able to use those impulses all over the place and really mix and match. If you get any of the others, you will only be able to use the effects as they are built into the GSIs.

    However... The workaround is to open up one of Larry's GSI and add/remove the instruments in the stack. If you're only doing drums it's okay. It would work for a typical single instrument as well.

    What you don't get with Solo and Ensemble is the ability to play independent instruments through the same impulse. Let's say you have a quartet and you want them in the same space. The Orchestra owner can achieve this with one GigaPulse instance, while the Ensemble owner needs four.

    Regarding polyphony, the basic Seyer kit that comes with Giga includes cymbals with REALLY long tails. These guys can eat your poly in a hurry.

    The bottom line is that I'd recommend Orchestra. Ensemble would be reasonable for drums only, but you'd have to mess around with the stacks to get creative with GigaPulse, and you woudn't be able to easily apply all of those great LS impulses to other instruments in an efficient manner.

    I hope that helps...


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    Re: Larry Seyers Acoustic Drums?

    Thanks, everyone, for your replies. I was trying to see if I can get by (less $$$) with a smaller GS3, and it looks like I can, if I'm willing to live without the things mentioned... I'm not...

    Oh, well...


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    Re: Larry Seyers Acoustic Drums?

    You'll certainly enjoy them. I have yet to hear anything in their league.

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    Re: Larry Seyers Acoustic Drums?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce A. Richardson
    You'll certainly enjoy them. I have yet to hear anything in their league.
    Truly. There are a few great sets out there, but if I had to pick only one I'd go with Larry's set.

    Personally, I don't use the Gigapulse aspect of LS Drums because -
    I like to run seperate audio outs for each drum so that I can process and mix in the host. In GS, you have to have an instance of Gigapulse for each output (from what I see - could be wrong), which results in too much CPU usage. What I do is run each drum to a different out through rewire, process in the host, then run those into a group channel with a send to Waves IRL or another reverb of my chosing. Nothing against Gigapulse here, but in this case I find it a bit limiting to apply on the Gigastudio side.

    Maybe there's another option that hasn't come to me yet.


    EDIT: I guess I could use Gigapulse as a send and give it its own output, but Larry's drums aren't set up with it that way. I believe the impulses are intended to be used as inserts. Anyway, I'm very happy with my current setup and its working well for me.

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