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Topic: New, Need help, please help please!!!!

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    New, Need help, please help please!!!!


    I just got GPO for mac (powerbook) and I am trying to use it in sibelius 4. These might be really stupid questions but I searched the threads and couldn't find an answer. I cant get the crescendo/dim plugin to work. If type a ~C1,xx command it effects the volume as per the tutorial on garrington.com but the crescendo wont work. If I use the Plugin all the commands appear as ~C7,xx . The plugin gives an option to use ~C11 commands but this makes no difference.

    I’m new to this stuff so maybe I’m overlooking something that would be obvious to you guys.

    I guess their would be about 100 of those C7 commands in a crescendo. I don’t have to change them all to C1,xx do I!!!!!!!!!!

    What do I do???!!!

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    Re: New, Need help, please help please!!!!

    Well, I don't have the answer, as I don't use a Mac. I have no doubt that you will get help soon. I just thought I would mention that with any new computer configuration or installation, some frustration and worry is to be expected. It will feel so good when the matter is resolved. This forum is the most helpful that I know of, and GPO has been the easiest software that I have ever learned. So just relax as much as possible, and the anwer will soon arrive.

    It would probably be useful to know if you are using GPO Studio with Sibelius, or the Sibelius/GPO package. You might find some help on the Sibelius tech support forum.


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    Re: New, Need help, please help please!!!!

    I am using GPO Studio with Sibelius.

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    Re: New, Need help, please help please!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by martin cox
    I am using GPO Studio with Sibelius.

    In case you read this forum first, I replied to the same post on the Sibelius forum. You need the plug-in from the Garritan site that makes cresc/dim with ~C1,xx messages.

    Good luck.

    R. Pearl

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    Re: New, Need help, please help please!!!!

    Thanks so much for the help.... I' gettin there now. I've got new problems now, which I've posted on a another thread. Any help would be great!!!

    Thanks again

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