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Topic: JABB Gets FUNKY!

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    JABB Gets FUNKY!

    Here is something different and fun. You may be interested in hearing JABB in a funky setting.

    Barrie Bignold, a TV composer from the UK, has sent in some funky JABB demos.

    Demo 1

    Demo 2

    Barry did this for a fun and funky TV progrogram. It was mostly JABB except for some of the rhythm instruments and the flutter tongue on the flute.

    Barry "hopes it raises a smile at least".

    Thanks Barry for sharing your music with us.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: JABB Gets FUNKY!

    Yeah! Very cool, I love this stuff. This is what I was hoping for from Jabb--love the chunky bari sax.

    Do we know specifically what was NOT Jabb?

    I'm guessing the guitar is live, but if this is JABB + some distortion and wah wah, then it's time I re-load that patch!


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    Re: JABB Gets FUNKY!

    Wow! Really hot work on these!

    Great job!


    Get funky...


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    Re: JABB Gets FUNKY!

    If I had JABB I would get the funk out of it too.

    Very good demos, I like it much! In my humble opinion one of the best demos for JABB.

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    Re: JABB Gets FUNKY!

    Nice work indeed. I think J&BB really is far more flexible for a variety of styles than might be apparent from superficial inspection. I'm having a ball combining jazz orchestra sensibilities with an orchestral idiom. I'm working on a piece now that I call Spider-Jazz because I always envisioned a Spiderman score to encompass jazz with orchestral with some pop harmonies. I'll post it when I've completed more.

    Love the flutter-tongue flutes in this piece. I'm embaressed to say I didn't realise that JABB had those. Sweeeeeeet.

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    Re: JABB Gets FUNKY!

    Holy cow!

    Nice work... I'd love to have a few production notes on this too.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: JABB Gets FUNKY!

    Cool stuff.

    - m
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    Re: JABB Gets FUNKY!

    First piece is very Mancini meets Mission Impossible. Sounds very 70s TV-theme. Very well played for genre.
    is well-produced, and probably worked beautifully within the scene, but it's more of a rhythm groove than a full piece, for my taste. He writes very well; I'd like to hear more, where the composer writes for the music, rather than the visuals.

    But great demos in any case. Thanks for the links, Gary.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: JABB Gets FUNKY!


    "I got to get me one of those!"

    These are excellent pieces and terrific examples of what you can do with JABB. Thanks to Barry for sharing these two pieces with us.

    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: JABB Gets FUNKY!

    In the remote chance that anyone in reach of UK broadcasting is interested in seeing these and other tracks 'in situ' (I know I am - having written it as a 'library of tracks' for the editors I'm as in the dark as everyone else!) it goes out on BBC 1 from 12th June, 9.15 am (ouch)...10 progs, two weeks - here's the BBC promo stuff.

    I'm still cherry picking instruments from JABB on all projects, particularly in love with the soprano sax, here's a track from a recent film about an emotional return of an exile to Kurdistan.. appropriate track, but not the most original piece in the world, but my, that soprano sings. Thanks again Garry and Tom.

    Oh, and since it's not included on JABB, anyone know where to get hands on Tibetan Horn and or flute samples? Need them for a job, and the bass trombone's not cutting it


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