I just got another computer on to which I want to install GS 96. (Ive already uninstalled it from my original comp.) When trying to install GS on the new comp., a pop-up comes up that says unable to find previous installation of GS. and then the installation stops.

I had upgraded from GigaSampler to GS96 when it first came out. A couple months ago while doing some housecleaning, I tossed my original GigaSampler disc in the trash not thinking I would need it anymore. Well, I evidentally do need it to install the upgrade to GS96 on my new computer.

Ive e-mailed Tascam 3 times over the last week and have had no response.
I assume I either need a site from which to download GSampler, or who knows what.

Anybody here have any ideas other than waiting for Tascam to reply? (Oh, and by the way, their site is down now.)

Thanks for your help.


PS Ive owned GSampler since it first came out and between Nemesys and Tascam, have had a terrible time with support. Shame on them