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Topic: Muse Research's Receptor and GPO

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    Muse Research's Receptor and GPO

    I just purchased the Receptor by Muse Research. I did this after much lurking about on various forums, and much thought. Read lots of "pro's" and "con's" regarding purchasing such a device. There is always the option of purchasing a second computer rather than the Receptor.

    But I decided to make the purchase anyway.

    And I'm glad I did!

    It helps tremendously with decreasing my computer's CPU (and memory) work load. It's also a helpful solution to latency issues.

    One of the FIRST things I did was utilize the GPO "cross-grade" so that it resides within the Receptor.

    I tell you, it works wonderfully for me!!! (So far.) I am currently working on a longer composition using both JABB and GPO (and a little of Halion too). There are a total of 28 VST instruments that I decided to use for this piece. Before Receptor, I had problems with the "stuttering" which I can sometimes experience when using such a high number of VST instruments. With a little tweeking (and some time spent on becoming familiar the Receptor device), the darn stuttering went away!! For this one large project, when using the Receptor, I am now able to keep the MOTU 828 MKII buffer setting to 256. This is down from the 1024 (prior to using the Receptor) which I had to use to prevent the "spitting and the stuttering"!! (Normally I'm able to keep the buffer setting to 256. But not for this one particular project, unfortunately.) The Receptor buffer setting is at 128!

    The Receptor is one option.

    Purchasing a second computer and networking the two together most certainly is another option.

    But, I just want to put in a good word for two great products that can be used together and be helpful as we compose and sequence using memory and CPU intensive sound libraries.


    Dell 650 Precision Workstation with 2.8 Ghz Xenon processor; 2 GB's RAM; 3 internal SATA HD's, all 7200 rpm; Windows XP Pro; MOTU MTPAV; MOTU 828 MKII; M-Audio 88 Pro controller keyboard; Steinberg's SX 3.11; GPO; JABB; Halion 3 . . . and other sound libraries too.

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    Re: Muse Research's Receptor and GPO

    Sounds really interesting. Can your provide some details, links, whatever? This is a completely new thing to me.


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    Re: Muse Research's Receptor and GPO

    If you check out www.garritan.com, there's a link toward the bottom of the web page that will direct you to more information regarding the Receptor and GPO combo.

    That's one way to find more info on this product.

    Then there's the more direct route.

    The Receptor was developed by Muse Research. Their web site is simply www.museresearch.com.

    You can also check a the on-line music stores like Sam Ash and Sweetwater. Both carry the device at a slightly lower price. (It ain't cheap.)

    I was sold on purchasing the Receptor for a few important reasons:

    1) It is a dedicated VST soft-synth/sound library machine. It's sole purpose is to house and work with audio-related plug-ins.

    2) It houses the plug-ins that you may want to use without a computer. Just hook up a keyboard to the Receptor and you'll have the GPO for a live gig!

    3)It also works well with an already existing DAW system.

    The "downfalls" are the following:

    1) It's expensive. The unit (with upgrades) cost me $2000.00. You can purchase a cheap computer that does nothing but house your plug-ins and have it networked with your main audio/sequencing computer for less $$$.

    2) Only VST plug-ins work with the Receptor. The DXi plug-ins aren't compatable (that I know of, at least).

    3) Not ALL VST plug-ins will work within the Receptor. Only ones that are "cross-gradeable" like the GPO. (The list is growing, though. I'm waiting for JABB to be included on the list! )

    Other things to consider:

    1) It normally comes with 256 MB's of RAM with the a 40 GB HDD (if I remember correctly).

    2) The RAM upgrade goes to 2 GB's.

    3) The HDD upgrade goes to 400 GB's.

    4) Uniwire! This software interphase program will make the Receptor even more "at one" with the main computer. Currently, the Uniwire software update is in beta version. But apparently it's proving to be quite stable. I don't quite understand the whole "Uniwire" concept myself, but it sounds very interesting and possibly worth the extra $$$ in purchasing the Receptor (verses purchasing another dedicated computer).

    I know that the Receptor will not be for everyone. This is probably most true for those with the know-how in building their own computer system. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people. This device worked great right out of the box. Ultimately, the last thing I want to think about is "computer" when I'm writing music and sequencing.

    Sorry for the ramble. . . I'm just an excited new owner of a Receptor. And (so far!) it works WONDERFULLY with my GPO sound library! I just want to share good news.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Muse Research's Receptor and GPO

    And if youo're gigging, there is no computer, even a notebook, that can keep up with it. I don't have one yet, because I too am waiting for JABB, but as a performing musician this is a great option. In the studio, it's a cool device but I would prefer a dedicated PC to a basically non-upgradable machine. As new VSTis are released, the memory and CPU demands will grow higher, until eventually the current mobo will be unable to keep up. Still, for a dedicated box that can go on stage as well, it's a great option. I have Giga on a 1U rack-mount computer, I had planned on gigging it, but the monitor/keyboard I would need made it a major hassle - and expense. I went with a laptop, but it's not the best solution (occasional it just dies - no blue screen, just - gone...) And it;s too slow. Receptor is not.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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