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Topic: Gigastudio3 / Apogee Mini-Dac problem..

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    Gigastudio3 / Apogee Mini-Dac problem..

    Hi all.

    I seem to have a VERY annoying problem. I used to use Gigastudio3 with a Motu PCI-424 card without any real problem. I sold the PCI card & bought an Apogee Mini-Dac instead. The mini-dac works great with other standalone plugs, EastWest Gold etc.. but GIGASTUDIO 3 DOESN'T RECOGNISE IT !!!

    I can't believe it. It goes into REWIRE mode automatically because it doesn't recognise a 'soundcard'. It doesn't allow you to get into the 'settings' because it's in REWIRE mode.

    Is there ANY way around this ??????
    I'm hoping there's an update..

    I can't contact them directly because their site is down.


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    Re: Gigastudio3 / Apogee Mini-Dac problem..

    Does the Apogee have a GSIF driver?

    :-) Jovan
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    Re: Gigastudio3 / Apogee Mini-Dac problem..

    I don't know if it does.. (I can't find a GSIF). I use it with USB.

    EVERY other standalone runs off the 'Apogee USB ASIO driver'.

    I'm stuck....

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    Re: Gigastudio3 / Apogee Mini-Dac problem..

    I don't believe Apogee provides GSIF drivers for any of their products. Only way to use their converters directly with GS3 is via rewire. Though if you had some other interface that provided GSIF drivers, you could hook up the Apogee via spidif which is the way I use my psx100. I'm not certain but I think the Motu Traveller has GSIF drivers with the same functionality as your old card.


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    Re: Gigastudio3 / Apogee Mini-Dac problem..

    Apogee doesn't support GSIF. Howard is right, you'll need to use the SPDIF input instead.

    You can get an older Echo card for super cheap nowadays, and use its SPDIF out. A few years ago I bought a used Gina20 for $100, and a few weeks ago I bought a used Layla20 for $125...
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