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Topic: OT: For those that want to kick start their music business

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    OT: For those that want to kick start their music business

    Some of you may know me as a "once in a while" contributor on this forum. I must say that I've really enjoyed this community and I try to visit here every day. However, I've decided to venture out from composing music and into Real Estate for a while. "Then why the heck are you posting here now?" you'd ask.

    Well... What I realized in Real Estate is that there are so many training programs for self promotion. The business of Real Estate truly evolves around "contacts" who you know and who can trust you.

    So I thought I'd share some of these marketing techniques with you since they do work and I think they may really work for composers/producers as well: 1) You want to do business by referral. Talk to people you know in the industry and ask them the following: "If someone asks you if you know a good composer (this could be anything you are, a producer, an arranger, etc.), who would you refer them to?" If they say, "I know some composers, but no one in particular stands out." You say, "Well, I'd like to be that person they call." Next, you take their information down and you begin to e-mail/mail samples of your work to them on regular basis (monthly). This will show your competence as a composer and you will begin to build a referral relationship with this individual. The key to this is follow up. You have to stay consistent with sending out materials on monthly basis followed by an occasional phone call or a visit to see if they have been getting your materials. You want to concentrate on people that truly may refer you one day. Once you get the referral, send them a small thank you gift (even if you don't get the gig), your skills will have to set you a part in getting the job! But at least you get to the table.

    2) Personal Notes. Take the time every day to write personal handwritten notes to people you know and you meet. Say you ran into someone at a coffee shop who you struck up a conversation with and you found out they work in advertising. You were chatting and at the end of the conversation you got their business card. Later that day, write them a personal hand written note thanking them for the business card. Follow up with samples of your music (mail/e-mail) on monthly basis. Call them up, ask for feedback. After a few months, ask them for a referral to the creative director of the company. (why personal notes? no one can throw a way a personal note, we are always curious to see who wrote us and why. we throw a way direct mail, junk mail all the time. but a personal hand-written note tells the person who you send it to that you took the time out of your day to think of them and communicate with them.)

    Hope this helps some of you. Remember to ALWAYS stay in touch with your previous clients, present clients, and future clients. These are the people that will more than anyone else give you the best referrals! Consistency is key. Develop a follow up system (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) and follow through. Before you know it you will have a steady stream of good referrals.

    If curious about my new Real Estate gig you can check out my new website: http://www.mycharlottesvillerealtor.com I happen to live in the #1 city in America, so being a realtor here is a lot of fun. Music is still my passion and one day I'll return.

    Thanks to those that read. - Pavel

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    Re: OT: For those that want to kick start their music business

    I recently heard on the radio that the business of real estate may start to change.

    Let's say that you're selling a house for $500K, and the commission is 6%. That's $30k. If it took 300 hours, that would be $100/hour. But it might be closer to 30 hours. Bingo!

    So... Real Estate agents spend a lot of time and money trying to find people to represent - cause each sale could be very lucrative.

    The proposed changes for agents is to have the charge relative to the hours spent on the deal. We will see...


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    Re: OT: For those that want to kick start their music business

    I would find that very inconvient! Usually now if you're selling or buying at the right time, that with the right agent, you could spend a day looking at 3-4 houses and bam she's gone. With the wrong agent you could look and look or on the other side, have open house after open house with the wrong people looking! So I'd suspect that the wrong agent would show as many houses in a day so they meet their quota, at the expense of the client! No thanks, I'd rather do some ground work and eliminate the agent all together! This is my 5th house since 1999 and only one house sat for a bit because my wife and I cleaned it up and the rest of the neighborhood was still untouched!

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    Re: OT: For those that want to kick start their music business

    Quote Originally Posted by seclusion
    No thanks, I'd rather do some ground work and eliminate the agent all together!
    And that's the reason that things are changing.

    It used to be that only traditional agents had access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Now there are some low-cost agents that charge a flat fee and let you thumb through the MLS.

    BTW, the hourly thing is more form the buyer's perspective than the seller's. If they watse their time driving the buyer around all day, the buyer should pay for their time. If the agent simply points across the street and say's "how about that one". they shouldn't get rich from the deal.

    Anyway, the Internet and programs that let the buyer/seller do their own leg work are the reasons that the business is changing.


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    Re: OT: For those that want to kick start their music business

    (Sorry this is OT - maybe it should go in the OT section?)

    I have nothing against paying for professional services, but I do resent paying tens of thousands of dollars to a real estate agent for very little work and limited expertise. We went out with some very poor ones when we were looking (13-1/2 years ago now) who didn't do any homework and just printed out the list on their private computer system - which should be public. They then make up for not getting paid for that time by taking way too much off the top of the deal when it does happen.

    The agent who eventually did show us our house had excellent taste, did her homework, listened to what we said when we told her what we were interested in, and didn't waste our time. She also didn't jerk us around with ludicrous sales pitches: "If you take out this wall, extend the outside of the house ten feet, and raise the ceiling, the living room won't be as totally depressing as it is now." So my ire is limited in her case, not just because of that but because she was a pit bull - a charming one, but tough nonetheless - when it came to negotiating the price. But in essence we did still pay her for time she spent showing other people around.

    Really, the whole thing is full of shady stuff. Title insurance, for example. The title is in a government database! Why can't the bank just look it up?!

    It's all archaic, and it has to change. I feel for qualified real estate agents who really do provide a useful service, but the truth is that you don't need an agent to show you houses - you should just be able to look online. And there's no reason the public shouldn't have access to comps too.

    Even lawyers aren't anywhere near as expensive.

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    Re: OT: For those that want to kick start their music business

    Sorry guys, I didn't mean to start a Real Estate discussion. Just wanted to share some ideas on self-promotion for composers/producers.

    Thanks for all the input. - Pavel
    my music: http://www.anytempo.com

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    Re: OT: For those that want to kick start their music business

    You can look at MLS for any area of the country for free on the net. I do it all the time. Yeah the real estate sales thing is kinda shady. But think of all the poor ones that do it part time and never make a dime and eventually quit compared to the few that do it full time and also spend all their time and make some sales. Also what about when the market slows down or comes to a stop then the real estate profession doesn't look so good.

    If you are a buyer it costs you nothing to have an agent because the seller always pays the fee. Anyway my brother tried his hand at the real estate thing for awhile and gave it up due to the seamy side that buyers and sellers don't see.

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    Re: OT: For those that want to kick start their music business

    Those are some nice ideas, Pavel. I appreciate you posting them.

    - Mike Greene

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