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Topic: Need slap stick percussion sound

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    Need slap stick percussion sound

    I have a pretty extensive collection of orchestral percussion sounds, but I don't have a slap stick sound. Does anyone have a recommendation that doesn't require buying another full percussion library? I'm pretty surprised that this isn't included in the Ultimate Orchestral Percussion library, but unless I'm missing something, it isn't in there.

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    Re: Need slap stick percussion sound

    Not much of a help I can offer, but would be easier if you can buy or borrow one and record it?

    EDIT : I just checked my files and found a whip included in the earlier "SAM True Strike Demo Set 3", recorded with far mic I think. It''s still available for download from Project SAM's site.

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    Re: Need slap stick percussion sound

    Hmmmm, a whip might work. Right now, I'm stuck using the slap sound on my JV1080, which isn't very convincing.

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