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Topic: Ethno World 3 - droolworthy? Or no?

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    Ethno World 3 - droolworthy? Or no?

    Just wondering if EW3 is good.. I printed out the list of instruments, there's a TON. I've had my eye on QLRA for a while..but.. it doesn't seem to add a whole lot to QLRI (which I already own). Plus, I would much prefer EW3 in Giga format, rather than QLRA in its Kompakt/Kontakt VST form.

    Anyone own EW3? Can you comment on this lib? Maybe post some mp3 demos?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Ethno World 3 - droolworthy? Or no?

    EWRA, droolworthy, yes.

    EW3, droolworthy? Not so much. But I do recommended it.

    Quantity vs. Quality here.

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    Re: Ethno World 3 - droolworthy? Or no?

    Damn the Kompakt/Kontakt VST libs.. I'm gonna have to break down and buy GigaPulse VST.

    Anyway.. yes I've heard that EW3 doesn't quite have the quality of QLRA. I guess I know what you mean, I just listened to the EW3 demos. I was, as a co-worker once said... "whelmed."
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Ethno World 3 - droolworthy? Or no?

    Seriously, though, EW3 does contain a LOT of instruments and they're mostly done to what I'd consider a sufficient degree for most film work. The amount of sampled instruments alone make it a worthy purchase. Less loops would have been great, but all in all a strong purchase.

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    Re: Ethno World 3 - droolworthy? Or no?

    I think EW3 is fantastic because it covers so much territory and has things in it that no other library has.

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