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Topic: Beginner' s question

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    Question Beginner' s question

    Hello everyone.

    I am a beginner in music creation and I would like to ask you guys whether GigaStudio 3 is a programme which I will be able to use easily for creating my own music.

    Also does it work on itself or do I need some additional music software in order to produce my own music?

    In case the programme is not easy for beginners, do you have any other recommendations?

    Sorry if my topic was a bit off your discussion, I just didn' t know where else to address to. I am just a very big fan of music and I very much like the idea of being able to create one of my own.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Beginner' s question

    Unless you are an Octapus and have several MIDI keyboards, GS3 will not be the only thing you need. GS3 is a sampler or more accurately a sample instrument player and a sample based instrument editor. That is when you press a note on your MIDI keyboard GS3 will play the sample of that note of what ever instrument is loaded. On one level it works the same as a sound card MIDI synthesizer, except the quality of the sound produced is far superior.

    You can use GS3 to load multiple instruments and play the MIDI keyboards and record to a WAV audio file directly from GS3, however this is not the normal way of creating music. Really you, need at least a multitrack audio software such as Sonar or Cubase. This software can be used to record audio and MIDI tracks, allowing you to create a final mix.

    My advice is work out which multitrack software will be the best for you and use it for awhile before deciding to buy a sampler like GS3. These softwares tend to come with their own instrument synthesizers and they may be good enough for what you want to do.

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    Re: Beginner' s question

    Gigastudio is a professional, top of the line software for reproducing high quality realistic instrument sounds. It does not create music, it only plays back very high pro-quality instrument sounds (like piano, strings, horn,etc).

    Gigastudio has built-in midi software that can record notes played on midi capable keyboard or keyed in with mouse (cumbersome). You can also use some third party midi software to create the midi notation (like Cakewalk). Once you have some music written in midi format, the midi software can playback the notes to sampler software, like gigastudio. In this way, the sampler software, like gigastudio, plays back original music you wrote, with high quality instrument sounds.

    Do you know how to read or write music? Do you play an instrument, like piano? If not, gigastudio mayl be useless to you to write music if you don't know how to write music, because you have to record or write music into the midi software, because it needs music notation (in midi format) to play back! You can find midi files to play back elsewhere, but then YOU are not creating music, you are just playing back someone else's music.

    If you know little about recording or writing music, but still want to create music on your own, then as a beginner, you need a program that can help write music parts for you, check out Band-In-A-Box, which can write music for you, give you background tracks, playback sounds (less quality but ok for beginner), etc:

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    Re: Beginner' s question

    Another way for beginners to make music fast and easy, without learning music theory, etc. is to use loops. Loops are small audio samples of parts of song pieces (drums, bass, guitar, voice), usually just a measure or two, that that you can arrange and mix any way you want and create instant musical pieces.

    This may be what you are looking for, and will be fast, easy, and very fun for beginners. Maybe even more then Band in a Box. I would try both.

    There are many high quality loops now available you to create a huge varitey of music. When using loops you don't need a sampler like gigastudio- you need a sequencer program like Cakewalk or the most popular for loops- Sony Acid Pro.

    I found this review of Sony Acid Pro 5:

    "for beginners who want the sheer joy of putting together something that sounds almost as good as a radio hit, and for anyone else who enjoys dabbling with music making, Acid will provide months of entertainment. It’s not a replacement for talent, but if you have the ideas and lack only training, you’ll soon surprise yourself with what you can create."

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    Re: Beginner' s question

    First of all, thanks for your replies guys.

    MikeInFL, I know how to play music on a guitar or a piano, I just haven' t tried yet to create sth of my own on the virtual world of a Personal Computer. I heard somewhere that the first programme that I should provide myself with is sth like Reason 3 where I can have a virtual music world ready for recording in my PC. Don' t know if this is the best choice for a beginner though.

    The real thing is that I know how to play music, I just dont have no clue about dealing with it on a computer screen. For instance my main question is, should I have live instruments that I want to include in my creation in my possesion or can i find them in virtual versions?

    Take into consideration that I am a total beginner and then, provided you know as a fact that my PC is quite strong and needs little if any improvements, which should be my steps towards creating my ideas on it? I mean, if I am meant to finally meet GigaStudio at some point when I will be more experienced on this matter, which things should I do beforehand?

    Thanks sincerely in advance.

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    Re: Beginner' s question


    Since you allready know how to play music on a piano and guitar, you can get started right away making your own music by recording into your PC using sequencing software such as Reason, Cakewalk Sonar, Sony Acid, etc. These software programs can record both midi (from keyboard) and audio (like a guitar) in multi-tracks. You can drag/drop in other loops like maybe a drum loop to add percussion to your music easily.

    It's interesting that as a beginner you asked about two of the best feature rich advanced music recording pieces of software- Reason and Gigastudio. These are among the top programs and are fairly advanced. They can produce very high quality pro-audio recordings. Gigastudio 3 supports using Reason by using Rewire so it should work ok with Reason (on correctly supported PC). I have not used this combination yet, so check with others how well it works. It sounds like a great setup to me.

    The problem with these advanced programs for beginner's is:

    1. install/setup/configure of these three pieces of software (Reason/Gigastudio/Rewire), and getting them working together could be very difficult for a beginner. The key for a beginner will be to have the correct system specs (audio type, etc).

    2. setup of these three software programs requires very specific system requirements and sometimes something doesn't work (like no sound) then what do you do?

    3. midi for beginners can be confusing as midi channels have to be setup

    These programs are not easy to setup for beginners. However, if you are pretty good with PC's, setting up PC's, reconfiguring PC's etc, you might handle music software setup easier then the average beginner because you allready know that you have to do the preliminary research to make sure your system meets the software requirements, etc.

    If you can manage to get Reason/Gigastudio/Rewire setup and working, you will have a top pro-quality mixing studio with superb sounds. Once working you'll learn quickly how to record midi and audio (it's simple in any sequencing software).

    So first do a lot of research in the install/setup requirements of these three major software programs (Reason/Gigastudio/Rewire) and determine if you think you can handle the install/setup. These peices of software are not cheap. I would hate to see a beginner get completely lost and confused and make an investment they regretted.

    I suggest you start with Reason demo first and after you learn it, add gigastudio later. Reason comes with plenty of great sounds to get started.

    Or get one of the easier beginner program from Cakewalk or Sony Acid- they have even simpler beginner programs that cost less then $100 and install easily on the average PC. They will not have the fabulous sounds of gigastudio however. These beginner programs however do get beginner's into midi and audio recording easily.

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