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Topic: Atmosphere / SAGE question...

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    Atmosphere / SAGE question...

    OK, I'll say off the bat that I realise Eric won't come right out and tell us of any future plans, but I figure it's worth a shot...

    I was reading the Intel Mac page and how it's going to take extra time to convert Atmosphere and Trilogy because they use the UVI engine rather than Spectrasonics' own engine, etc. So my question is: will Spectrasonics convert Atmosphere and Trilogy to use their own (SAGE?) engine a la Stylus RMX? Seems the logical way to go... (Really, I'm just thinking of having all those Stylus RMX effects in Atmosphere) .

    Anyway - any hints?

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    Re: Atmosphere / SAGE question...

    I've been thinking about this a lot too. Definitely seems to be where things are headed. Although, other than the effects (which would be really cool in Atmosphere) I can't think of anything off of the bat that the UVI engine doesn't do as it would relate to trilogy and atmosphere. The edit page is pretty similar to the UVI engine, the chaos page isn't really useful without rex functionality, the effects page would be really cool in Atmosphere, but there would probably need to be some different types of effects for Trilogy, and the mix page deals with the multitimbral stuff, which would be pretty nice to be able to do with Trilogy or Atmophere, but not quite revolutionary in itself.

    That said, I would imagine that both products will be in the same vein as RMX, but maybe some kind of cool new features to make up for the lack of not being able to use rex files and the features associated with them? Having edit groups for each of your notes would be great, and if it was multitimbral, it would be cool to have the same patch set up with different settings so that you could play different notes in a sequence with different settings somehow. Of course, I have no idea, but I bet it will be cool as hell when they update everything!

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    Re: Atmosphere / SAGE question...

    I agree it's hard to see how a lot of Stylus RMX features would translate to Atmosphere, but I was thinking along the lines of the effects page, and perhaps some cool enhancements regarding LFOs and gates and things to create new evolving, chopped up rhythmic textures that tempo sync to your host, etc. I know it has LFOs already, but I think that's an area where so much more could be done - more filter types would be nice too. And multitimbrality (is that even a word?!) would be great too, rather than opening several instances of the plugin. You could really get some *HUGE* pads happening there... Heh heh. Anyway, fingers crossed.

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    Talking Re: Atmosphere / SAGE question...

    I get goose bumps just thinking about it!!!!!

    That wonderful S.A.G.E. engine!!!! And those beautiful effects

    I can't even imagine what "the clan" has up its sleeve,.... so for now , I'm just going to go into orbit thinking about it!!!

    Join me!!!!!

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