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Topic: Rewire : does it work for some one ?

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    Rewire : does it work for some one ?

    When I install GS from my CD copy I get the 3.01 version. This one doesn’t work for mixdown.

    I downloaded the last update, the 3.12, it worked for the miwdown, but I have drops when I play...

    Is there any version of GS which works in Rewire ?

    (I’m using Nuendo.)

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    Re: Rewire : does it work for some one ?

    I tested GS 3.12 in rewire mode together with forte ENSEMBLE & Sonar 5 PE & Ableton Live 5.
    All three worked.

    :-) Jovan
    the man with the blue guitar

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    Re: Rewire : does it work for some one ?

    Hi, Jovan.

    It seems to be a specific Steinberg / Giga issue.

    Since the GS 2.5 version I had terrible issues with Nuendo. I gave up, and build a separate GS PC.

    But damn ! If I want some 32bit flt, Rewire is unavoidable.

    This ADAT solution sounds miserable to me. And my PCs aren’t enough tough to run Gigateleport in real time. (And I work only in real time.)

    (And... I’m totally broke...)

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    Re: Rewire : does it work for some one ?

    I do not have any expierience with Nuendo.
    Most of the time I work with a Notation program (Overture 4) & GS3 in stand allone mode or with Kontakt 2 as VST plugin.
    Ableton Live I use for live performances. But before I do this I render all MIDIs to Audio files.
    So in praxis I do not have any practice using GS3 in rewire mode.
    I only checked it to see it working.

    :-) Jovan
    the man with the blue guitar

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    Re: Rewire : does it work for some one ?

    I'm using GS3 as a rewire in Cubase SX3 3.1 and it's working fine in mixdown. Make sure that when you do the mixdown that it is in "Real Time" . If you don't use real time mixdown Cubase/Nuendo wont see the keymapping in Giga, there is a box to check in the mixdown window it's the same in Nuendo.

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    Re: Rewire : does it work for some one ?

    Hi cubas.

    So you did it !

    Personally, I always use the real time Mixdown. It doesn’t work with the 3.01, and seems to work with 3.12 and 3.04 (I’ve just try this one) but those versions are unplayable (lot of drops). So when I can play I can’t Mixsown and when I can Miwdown I can’t play... (All those tests at the same latency : 128 ms)


    What version of GS do you use ? 3.01 ? 3.02 ? 3.03 ? 3.04 ? 3.10 ? 3.12 ?

    Three versions are still available on there site. (Why, by the way ?...)

    What a mess.

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    Re: Rewire : does it work for some one ?

    Same problem here - with Cubase SX3 and GS3, the latest 3.12 patch causes dropouts that were not in the DVD 3.01 version. I re-installed the 3.01 version since the dropouts were intolerable, I haven't tried mixdown yet.

    I have also noticed eratic behaviour with the stereo v.s. mono rewire. Using GS3, Cubase will only feed stereo signals when the Rewire graphic shows both channels (e.g. Rewire 5 + Rewire 6). Also mono Rewires get "stuck". My guess is it looks like an a GS3/CUBASE SX incompatability, where the problem may be more of a Steinberg (-Yamaha?) issue than GS-Tascam.

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    Re: Rewire : does it work for some one ?

    Hi, Martin, I’ve some news. I send to my VSL post and quote my Nuedo’s forum post for those who don’t access to it.

    VSL forum :

    Nuendo's post :
    In fact the DAW is stable (no BSOD), the problem is that with the GS3.01 version I can play but not mixdown. And with 3.02 and superior I can mixdown but not play... Quite schizophrenic !

    So, speaking about power I was thinking about CPUs. That’s why I want to restore the Hyper threading function to see the benefit.

    However, studying Tascam’s PDFs I found first that HT is possible since the 3.04 :
    « Changes in v3.04
    Main Application Enhancements :
    · More improvements with Hyper Threading compatibility have been made,
    particularly with USB audio interfaces. This includes dual processor machines.
    · Note: GigaStudio is coded to provide performance benefits on Hyper Threading
    enabled PCs in the following ways:
    o Projects with heavy VST usage will benefit.
    o HT may provide more polyphony than nonHT
    systems. »

    And more in the 3.10...
    « • ReWire MIDI Port #8 is now available in the Cubase and Nuendo. »
    And :
    « • GigaStudio 3 is now compatible with Intel HyperThreading processors. »

    Bingo !

    At last... Pfiuue...

    Big news...

    But after updating to 3.12 and restoring the Hyper threading function, I’ve just figure that the problem was the audio priority in Nuendo, and the sound card latency.

    It has to be ‘Very High’ at 3ms, so the midi latency suffers (and I hate it, cause I only work in real time)... And I can’t use any FX if I want to stay at 3ms without drops...

    I just can play and mixdown a piano track...

    Well it’s a beginning...

    But I have to admit it : my DAW is definitely too weak.

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    Re: Rewire : does it work for some one ?

    yes it works in Sonar. Took me awhile to get some details right but now it sounds very nice.

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