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Topic: SX3 & Melodyne Cre8 Problems

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    SX3 & Melodyne Problem Solved

    Update: I was hoping I could just delete this post but since I cannot, I'll shared how I resolved this issue.

    Turns out that 'release driver in background' must be switched off to get SX and Melodyne to work correctly. Make sense doesn't it?
    That was my entire problem. Anyway, now you know.

    Any SX3 - Cre8 users here? Hope so. Thing is, Cre8 doesn't have 'realtime' functionality when using the bridge in SX3. When switching from SX3 to Melodyne via bridge (, The Mel. transport bar doesn't work nor do the blobs sound as they do in stand alone.
    SX3 is set to 'release driver in background'.

    What's worse, when disengaging the bridge & quiting Cre8 results in the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death".
    Anybody have an insight?
    Last edited by rabdaddy; 03-07-2006 at 11:26 AM. Reason: Found my solution
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