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Topic: Music for Video Games - Panel with Andy Brick, March 13 NYC

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    Music for Video Games - Panel with Andy Brick, March 13 NYC

    Film Music Network New York Presents a panel with forum member Andy Brick:

    Panel Moderated by Dave Pettigrew

    Monday, March 13, 2006
    Doors open at 6:30 PM, event starts at 7PM
    Ripley Greer Studios 520 8th Avenue, (between 36th and 37th), studio 16F/G

    * ANDY BRICK is a prolific composer, conductor and symphonist of music for film, TV, live concerts and interactive games. He has orchestrated and composed music for such blockbuster game titles as Sim City: Rush Hour, Stranglehold, and Sims 2. His music has also been featured in such games as Arc the Lad, Shadoan, The Far Reaches, Tesselmania and others. He has conducted and/or orchestrated music for over 50 game titles including Final Fantasy VI and VII, Harry Potter, Turrican, and Everquest II. In 2003 he conducted the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in the world's first Symphonic Game Music concert at the historic Gewandaus, Leipzig Germany to a sold out audience. In 2004 and 2005 he orchestrated and conducted European encore performances of similar game music concerts.

    * MICHAEL SWEET is the Creative Director of Audiobrain, a unique collection of artists dedicated to breaking boundaries in interactive music. Audiobrain's music and sound design can be heard on the X-Box 360 logo and found on many award winning games including Cartoon Network, Sesame Workshop, Shockwave, RealArcade, Pogo, Microsoft, Lego, AOL, MTV, among others. He has won numerous Awards for his continued innovation and exploration of audio including the BDA Promax Award for Best Sound for a Network Package (HBO Zone) the Best Audio Award at the GDC Independent Games Festival, and nominations for four GANG awards. Michael is also a contributor to organizations that pioneer the advancement of standards for interactive music and sound design including the IASIG and GANG.

    * Panel Moderator DAVE PETTIGREW is Vice President, EMI Stategic Marketing, EMI Music for Games. He has been working for EMI Music Publishing for the past 8 years. His division, EMI musicResources, was created over 10 years ago and has long been known as a pioneer in the music publishing business, servicing advertising, gaming & merchandising clients w/ creative access to the EMI Music Publishing catalog of over 1,000,000 copyrights. Dave extended musicResources reach into the video game world over five years ago, offering clients access to EMI's vast roster of artists & writers. Working with artists such as The Crystal Method, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Snoop Dogg, Lindstrom & many others, Dave has worked on countless games with every major game publisher. Dave is now building his own department within EMI that will concentrate solely on the gaming arena & will further extend EMI's reach into this ever-expanding world.


    The Film Music Network presents Film Music Network nights, a monthly networking series for professionals in the film and television music business. The events feature guest speakers who focus on specific issues and challenges in the film music business. After these brief presentations, attendees are encouraged to network. Admission is $15 for non-members or web-only members of Film Music Network and free for Film Music Network premium members. Memberships are available at www.filmmusic.net. RSVP to 800-774-3700 ext. 751 (please note the new number) or nyrsvp@filmmusic.net.

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    Re: Music for Video Games - Panel with Andy Brick, March 13 NYC

    For those interested, Howard Shore's massive SUN video game score is available for purchase on the web. It sounds as big and complex as his LOTR material but possibly a little more daring in places. The Theremin is used extensively throughout the score but not in the traditional '50s sci-fi score way. Check it out.

    Also, I'm just listening to Chris Tilton's Black video game score. Nice music!

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    Re: Music for Video Games - Panel with Andy Brick, March 13 NYC


    My client changed dates on me and I got to work Monday (originally it was a day off) Maannnn.

    Hope it goes well. This seems like a really good topic. some of the film music events in NY I've attended in the past were welll. . . boring.

    I think most people come for insights to get paid to write, or have their music placed in movies or games. So I think this topic is right on topic.


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    Re: Music for Video Games - Panel with Andy Brick, March 13 NYC

    Sorry it took a while to post this. Been giggin' and travlin' with more giggin' and travlin.'

    Well the show I was working on in NY this past Monday; wrapped early! So I was ABLE to attend the Film Music Network meeting featuring Andy Brick.

    I'll be brief. Andy was getting pounds and questions even before the forum started. There was a brief introduction and they were off. I would say the majority of the conversation centered around where to look for work. The answer seemed to be; since console games are being well established, serious games and casual games still offer opportunities for new comers.

    Afterwards all panelists were swamped with questions, cards, and advice seekers (including yours truly).

    I enjoyed the evening. As I stated in my previous posts, some of the topics in the past I attended were well hmmmm lame IMO (especially if you have to pay to get in). I mean, everyone who shows up at these things is working or trying to work; so the audience is looking for work, ask, 'can I give you my demo?', and 'so hows your career workin' for you'.

    Andy, as well as the other panelists, delivered on all counts.

    Mark Northam who helped founded Film Music Network will be the next panelist. If I'm in town, I'll show up.


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